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You can't expect anything even remotely close to perfection in mid-fi. Of the candidates, the X1 makes the fewest compromises.

Unless you actually find the sound signature completely disagreeable or need a closed headphone, it seems like the pretty obvious champion to me.

I believe the X1 is sufficiently proficient that it bends the usual rules of subjectivity and preference.

I agree with the reviews. Its a really ambitious head phones, i imagine how the senior program engineers / architects must have presented on the white board a agressive project goal: open back, big sound stange, good instrument articulation, spacious sound stage, big bass without bleeding into a quite present and not muffled mid, more so impressive and really unique in itself is its fastness and sound stage even at a 100 Db SPL @ 100 mW @ 32 Ohms considering there is no damping factor to it or scalability aspect with a good amp unlike HD 600 or 650.

Yes one would argue with a good amp to overcome those 300 Ohms, X1 dont come close to 600/650's sound stage, depth, instrument arcticulation, bass extension and tightness. but without a decent  portable, both 600/650 doesnt sound half as breathing and open as X1.

All and All,  I feel its an honest attempt to pull it off so nicely. Yes its jack of all trades, but some jack it is!! its not headphones that impresses you very much on bass accuracy extension, or sound stage, or instrument articulation, or neutrality unlike LCD2, HD800 or HE-500. but it sure makes you go "hmmmm,, this is interesting!!" in few minutes of listen. cause its genre of its own. its not a stone cold follower of anyone league yet it tries to pull off everyone little bit for a mid-fi headphones! Its like i can relate to a personal experience of pulling of a project with limited expirience engineers in my team trying to develop a software with features and performance that rivals one made by the likes of geniuses like google or Apple and yet able to respectfully earn a position.

Honestly i feel if they were able to pull of this weird tunning to their drivers, than a neutral flat signature  would have not been tough either.

Philips have indeed done a good job, honest, humbly and sincerely pulling this off, entering a league where its even getting discussed in this forum when it used to be a walmart side shelf 20$ audience targetted company!

Remember to keep this in perspective and salute them!


Good observations and interesting comments. I think I'll hold off on this headphone until I get to hear it at a meet.

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To anyone looking to get these headphones, Massdrop is currently having them on sale.  If there are enough buyers, you can get them for $189.99!


Now for anyone who has these headphones already... I admit to having a big head, does anyone else have a big head and can comment on the fit of these? Because everything else about the headphone is moot if it won't sit comfortably on my head. :P

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If you have a big head, you'll definitely have to bend the top metal headband in a sort of A shape to allow more space for the headband portion that actually rests on your head have more clearance.
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Thanks for this review, i was a big akg 701 fan a few years ago (was my first good headphone). I am interested in getting the x1 (wonder how that comparison with the momentum and m100 turned out)? But am wondering hwo well it works with simpler sources like idevices? How much does it need an amp? I can get it for 200 euro here which i think is pretty nice. I hear a lot of stuff about the cable not being good, are there some replacement cables that fit which you can buy internationally (i live in the netherlands).


Greetings, Anouk,

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The X1 sounds great even unamped. Of course, a good source and some clean power always helps. I use the E17 and it sounds great, even when I've used much stronger amps.

Of course, with every popular headphone, there will ALWAYS be people who tell you it needs a good amp to shine. That's just head-fi hyperbole. Leave it to them to say any and every headphone they like needs an amp to shine.

Chances are, you'll be happy with the X1 and a minimal portable amp at the least.
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Hey to all here! Forgive my ignorance but I'm new here and looking for some input from the head-fi veterans here L3000.gif

I bought the X1's about two weeks ago in the massdrop deal after reading several thread s on here (such as this one ) with glowing reviews so I have a few questions:


I'm not an audiophile (yet rolleyes.gif) I am however an engineer and within the last 2 years got into building pcs. Now having learned a bunch and reached a good personal peak on overclock.net I've been increasingly intrigued by better sound quality for everything I do (lots of music, gaming, movies etc.) typically been a speaker guy (decent polk budget speakers monitor 40's and 70's) but now moving into headphones because it seems my dollar will go further/ the sound quality.

Bought some audio technica ath m50's about six months ago and have loved them. comfy and sounded better than most things I've listened too well balanced and not some overhyped crap like beats for example lol.

Currently: X1 headphones with and audio engine D1 with sound coming through the toslink digital out from my pc to the little DAC. So I guess its your basic starter/greenhorn set up for the guys around here lol.

QUESTION: X1 are sound ing great (still maybe in the burn in period). I've read this whole thread and can someone please tell me what the differences I should be listening for (brief comparison) between these X1's and the m50's?

***Disclaimer: I know the X1 is probably in its own class and to the trained ears here blows the m50's away but i need an objective opinion on why and in what ways (try to have patience with my ignorance, I am trying to read other threads to get up to speed on the hi fi traits to listen for etc but the learning curve is taking a while lol). I can't yet really tell what soundstage and mids, highs etc all the bullet points are as far as being able to tell what the m50's and x1's do differently (except for one sounding overall better than the other). All i know is the X1 sounds great with excelent bass that i'd never expected from a headphone but keeps the instruments and vocals clear at the same time.

I have replaced the X1 stock cable with a griffin flat audio cable (just so yall know im not using the high impedance one it came with)

Thanks in advance!
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I haven't heard the M50s, but the X1s soundstage should be a whole lot better. Go listen to some binaural recordings and Dolby headphone videos and compare the two.
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Yeah, the soundstage should be quite a bit more spacious, and the treble should be less glaring. Other than that, tonally, I don't think it's a night and day difference. You're gonna have to look for more refinement, technical level. They're both relatively well balanced with a touch of bass emphasis, though the M50 has a stronger treble output, and the X1 may be a little heavier on the mid bass. Though it also depends on when you bought the M50 as you may have an older bass heavy version. You also have to take in the M50's closed back nature into account which allows the bass to resonate and linger a bit longer.

The M50 also should sound a bit less detailed overall.

'I love the M50 btw. I should've taken the X1 to my mom's house, where there are TWO M50s (one is the silver LE model).
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thanks for the quick responses! I've been going back and forth listening to different tracks of different music to try and compare the two. the m50's basically have a bit less bass but sounds more muddy in the bass or loose? i guess?

so it sounds like im not crazy lol! because for some songs its a decent enough difference between the two sets of cans but for some its hard to tell. biggest thing i can hear is that the X1 seem more natural and a bit less tiring to listen to (maybe this is closed back versus open). I never thought my m50's were harsh etc. and can listen to them for hours, but there is a definate smoothness to the X1 and just so easy to enjoy.

So i've been reaching for the X1 definately over teh m50 but m50 still hold their own I think which makes me happy to have what seems to be some of the best dollar/performance headphones it seems for someone like me in the beginning of their head phone journey lol. cheers guys! I'll report back with a better comparison once I get myself more well educated biggrin.gif
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Yeah, the M50 is a stellar closed headphone for the price, and still among one of my very faves. It was my first real audiophile closed headphone, and it will always have a special place in my heart. It's popular for a reason.
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Originally Posted by Overwerk View Post

I think the x1 is too unengaged for vocal. I would rather pin x1 as simply recessed in the mid.

For songs that are fun or cynical, you want x1. For songs that are heartbreaking, you would appreciate something else more.

Also I find the treble on X1 kind of sugarcoated and wrapped and twisted. It is certainly never piercing, but it never feels detailed and enthralling either. The more I listen the more I realize the x1 is not a pair of can to expect wow factor out of. It is really just that girl next door vibe. A very sexy girl next door, but still a girl next door.

Yep, this is exactly my opinion on the X1. Well put.
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Originally Posted by egokun View Post

Yep, this is exactly my opinion on the X1. Well put.


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Can anyone recommend any cable that's nice and durable, preferably black and with no logos?

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Mediabridge on Amazon.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Mediabridge on Amazon.


Too overpriced on Amazon.ca, doesn't ship to Canada on Amazon.com. :(

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