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For Sale:
Custom Grado RS-1 (Headphile - Vixen RS-1)

Will Ship To: USA

I am interested in selling my beautiful Grado RS-1s that have been modded by Larry of Headphile (ie Darth Beyers) into the Vixen RS-1.  This may not be the only Headphile modded RS-1, but it is certainly one of a select few. I sent Larry my RS-1s (buttoned) in 2009 to mod and he returned to me an absolute stunning set of phones that exceeded my high expectations.


I don't have a ton of experience describing sound so don't be too hard on me. If you would like more info about anything let me know and I'll do my best to get back to you promptly.


Personally I find these to have the classic detailed Grado sound but without the fatiguing top end and sibilance. The  soundstage is wider and the bass is punchier, tight, fast and hard.  These cans are really detailed and yet the sound is warmer and less fatiguing then the stock RS-1. I have found them to play everything well and they realy are a musical set of phones.They aren't just a classical music and rock phone!


If you're interested in the high end Grado sound, with those signature gorgeous mids, but are put off by the lack of any bass, these phones might be exactly what you' ve been hoping for. On top of everything else they are also the most comfortable (by far) phones I have ever used and they are absolutely stunning looking with the nice dark brown wavy leopardwood.


Details are:  Leopardwood Cups with matching splitter and CJC on his BlackGold cable.  1/4 Neutrik plug and a black leather headband (Beyers) with velour pads.The RS-1 driver is mounted to an internal Bolivian Rosewood sound board.


I really have enjoyed these cans and will be sad to see them go but I want to try the HiFiMan HE-500s and I also own some awesome Headphile Darth Beyers that I will never, ever sell.


COA is included and I will pay for the shipping (buyer pays paypal fees) to anywhere in the US (US Only listing).


I am looking for $650 but will entertain other serious offers.  If you're interested please let me know at your convenience..





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