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Originally Posted by Aulait View Post

Unfortunately, I can not insert pictures to show how to do it  :/

do you have a Dropbox account or something similar?
if so, just copy your pics in your dropbox "public folder", copy the link and paste it (don't worry, no privacy issues, dropbox is safe)
i'm very curious so see how you DIYed the pads.
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Zdjęcia przedmiotu



kliknij, aby powiększyć

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Now there's something for the 'Earpad Thread'

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I need to try to repair my original pads, which I've saved somewhere.... The velour pads I use now are very comfortable, but there is the nagging thought about the originals perhaps sounding better as they are more "open" due to the thin textile sides....

Out of curiosity, the language above and below your pictures: I'm guessing Polish or maybe Czech?
I've done a bit of work-related travel in both countries, but sadly not enough to learn the languages, except a few words (important stuff, like "hi", "thank you", and how to order a beer...) smily_headphones1.gif

Best regards,
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Aulait, holy shizzle..! :eek:


You have some SERIOUS craftsman skills.

I was expecting a few tips for amateur modders or something but...

... I'm afraid that's way beyond my DIY skills, and certainly way beyond my patience zone.


Beautiful ! Those renewed pads look just great.

The two pics comparing them to the HD 250 pads are amazing. Your 540s look brand new. :eek:


By the way, why did you remove the foam discs since you've put so much effort in making those masterpieces look and sound like the originals? And what about dust and stuff?


Anyway, thanks for sharing and respect.

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One more question: what's your opinion on the HD 250 pads vs. the HD 430 pads?

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Thank you from the nice comments. :normal_smile :


Operabuff, I am a Pole, I live in Krakow.:wink_face:


Hairspray foam discs lose small, quiet details treble.


In my opinion:


Pads HD 430 - bass ok, a little scene, poor location, nice vocals, a little nasal sound.

Pads HD 250 - bass ok (sometimes booming, losing control) big stage, good location, vocals a bit weaker (withdrawn), a little too sharp sound.

Pads HD 540 I reconstructed-fast and low bass,  beautiful vocals, big scene, very good location, excellent presentation of the micro details. Natural sound.

Pads HD 540 II I was not listening.

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Materials that you need: 
1.Foam polyurethane, thickness of 2 cm. Hardness 50. In Poland, known as the T-3050. Thus, a density of 30 kg/m3). You can buy the upholstery shop. 
2.Leatherette very soft, elastic and slightly stretchy. 
3.Needle with black thread. 
4.Double-sided tape (Foam. How carpeting or tile adhesive mirrors) 
I'll cut to the version of the laser plotter. I'll give dimensions. Everyone will be able to cut. It is a lot easier. 
Hairspray, I think I can do it myself: Wink_face: 

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Originally Posted by Aulait View Post


Pads HD 250 - bass ok (sometimes booming, losing control) big stage, good location, vocals a bit weaker (withdrawn), a little too sharp sound.


1 - imo, the bass quality of the 600 ohm version with 250 pads is ok with a good amplification (and anyhow, 540 ref II's mid-bass with the exact same pads sounds way less controlled to me)

2 - "vocals a bit weaker" -> do you mean "more distant"? they do indeed sound more distant, less intimate, but imo more realistic, centered, without affecting the timbre, at the right place (almost as precise as Beyer DT-250/250). The 250 pads also greatly improve the soundstage in general and the separation/articulation)

3 - "too sharp sound" -> that's why i put 2 foam discs over the drivers (original ref I gold)


only my 2 cents of course, because those pads and discs rolling discussions are highly subjective...

most probably a neverending debate, but highly interesting though



anyway, i would really like to listen to your 540 with your custom pads :atsmile:

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If you are looking for more pad options the Shure srh 840 pads actually do work, at least with my HD540 II's. The original velour pads I have have long deteriorated so I can't actually remember how they sounded initially, but they sound fine to me with the SRH 840 pads. The 840 pads are more oval than the stock pads, but they can fit on the retaining ring pretty well and don't fall off unless you pull them. They definitely work better than the cheap generic H250 pads and foam discs that are sold on ebay (which I also bought, but didn't end up using).

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Hairspray, I bought several pairs of foam discs Reference Gold. If I get it then I'll listen. Everyone hears differently. In Poland, it says "Two Poles-three views." :wink_face:


If you would like to listen to my pads, come to Krakow. I invite you for a beer. :bigsmile_face:


Mjolnir125, Thanks, but I prefer pads open.:L3000:

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I have tried both the HD540 Reference I and II with their original pads, with HD250II pads and with adapted-to-fit HD560 earpads. From my listening comparisons, the 540 I and II sounded their best with the Ref.II original velour earpads. Using them both with "closed" HD250 pads diminished the size of the stereo image quite significantly and made the bass presentation less natural, especially on the Reference II headphone. The adapted-to-fit HD560 earpads also diminished the size of the soundstage a bit but because the velour material is still sound porous, the bass performance remained more natural than it did with HD250 pleather pads. I was not very keen on the original HD540I "open" earpads either as I felt these were less natural sounding than the Ref.II velour pads, again giving the headphones a "signature", probably due to the extra thickness of earpad keeping the drivers further from the ear and lowering bass level. I also prefer to use these headphones with inner cloth instead of foam so to not attenuate any high frequency nuances. None of these headphones are harsh in the treble and require no HF attenuation IMO.

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As far as I can tell, the HD540 II original velour earpads are exactly the same as the HD560 original earpads, except for the mounting ring which is the part that needs to be "adapted-to-fit". The only reason I can think that HD540 II original pads might sound different is if they've squashed down over time compared to new HD560 pads.


[Update: See my retraction of this statement in post #165.]

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Taken by the enthusiasm on display here I'm climbing aboard the ship. Happened to find a 540 Reference for only €25 which seems to be in great condition both interior and exterior. Velour is on them although I cannot be sure if these are originals. I must say that I am quite wow-ed too when the right music is played. Jazz is lovely with these! It really isn't an underdog to the HD-600 which I previously thought is very very nice for jazz. Can't compare them side by side but I might get one again soon. Also have ordered the 250 linear pads on impulse. Q: would this headphone benefit from a balanced XLR termination?

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