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$200 DAC/Amp Combo

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I'm looking to buy a $200 DAC/Amp combo for my headphones. I've gathered info in my country (Indonesia) and here's my options :


1. Fiio E07K + E09K

2. Aune T1

3. Schiit Magni + Modi


I'm using HD558 and M50/LE, and looking into possibility to buy a higher impedance cans, DT770 perhaps.

I listen to almost genre, notably instrumental (from acoustic fingerstyle to metal) and prefer flat response with good staging.


Any suggestions about which one is the most suitable for my needs ?


*The Schiit duo actually hasn't available yet in Indonesia, but if it beats the other two, I guess I can wait.



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As a Aune T1 and FiiO E10 user (yes, it's neither as powerful nor as good as Fiio E07K + E09K but I say similar enough), I would advice you to go for Aune T1.

I found Aune T1 better on lower treble (fuller) and smoother upper treble. Also less splashy treble too (I found FiiO E10 bright and splashy sometimes).

Soundstage is wider on Aune T1 but then that's the Electro-Harmonix EH922 character: wide left-right and not so much on the front. The soundstage is more spherical on FiiO E10, with more up-front vocals. Aune T1 also airier: more breath without too bright.

Bass is less on Aune T1 but more behave: tighter and less mid-bass than FiiO E10.


For Aune T1 vs Magni-Modi, you could read headfonia's review of Magni-Modi, it is said Aune T1 had little bit treble than M&M stacks.


Oh, and you could go tube-rolling on Aune T1 too, although there are concern about tube availability because, well, they ARE vintage.


But then to each their own, I personally love warm sound, with forward mid because my hearing more like U shaped: sensitive on treble and bass area, while not so much on mid.


ps: I'm from Indonesia too!!!

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ah terima kasih jipan :)


I was going to order T1 from Yogyakarta, yesterday they said they have 1 unit (6N11 tube) and when I was gonna close the deal they said somebody already bought it one hour earlier, lol. I've contacted other stores and they all out of stock.

Do you have any info which store that sell it?


And sorry if this is out of topic, but what about soundcards? say Xonar Essence STX or Soundblaster ZXR, are they as good as the T1?

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Happen to see this thread while myself looking at similar price range, and to the OP, you can try quartz acoustic from Singapore. Is an online store based somewhere near to you that I knew.
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