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I have a question regarding the low frequencies. So I have assembled my first stereo system Jamo Classic 8 speakers which are driven by Kenwood KA-5090R. Nothing special what my student budget allows me at the moment smiley I also got Lenco TT-32 as a present so I hooked it up.

So long story short when I play an USB or FM radio via the phono low and high frequencies sound clean and crisp. But when I start to play a vinyl suddenly bass is very weak. I have a phono input on the amp but its no use as there is still no bass but a strong humming sound is present.


Dont really know which one is on the turntable as the documentation does not contain much technical specifications it looks like this it has integrated FM and MP3 they play well but when I start up a vinyl doesn't matter which input still sounds bad. I have a MM/MC switch on the amp but it does not make much difference.


Maybe someone could help me out