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Beats Tour by Dr Dre 2013 Review

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So this is the new Beats in 2013 when they started making their products independently when they split from Monster Cable. I have a few highly rated IEMs myself and I obtained this in a trade(it seemed like a good idea at the time)so I was rather interested to test these out and share them with you. Enjoy! smily_headphones1.gif
PS:This is the Asian version meant to retail only in the Asia Pacific region
Accessories and Packaging:(4/5)-Comes in a nice box that is pretty solid. 5 pairs of normal silicone tips and 2 tri-flange tips are included in a nice little pouch with individual compartments. It also includes a semi hard carrying case which I thought was pretty cool.

Isolation:(1/5)-For this review I used the Comply T400s and I have to say I am still disappointed. The way the nozzles are angled and the diameter of it really makes it hard to fit in my ears even with Complys.
Design quality:(3/5)-The driver housings are well made out of metal however, the plastic face plate and the lack of strain relief on the cables make it feel cheap and flimsy.
Sound quality:(5.5/10)-I did not like the bass heavy signature of this IEM. It felt like I was wading through a pool of sludge. However,surprisingly,the treble occasionally sparkles and shines and really starts to display themselves.It is slightly warm and clear but is not as good as the Vsonic Gr07 or other similarly priced IEMs.
Overall:(13.5/25)-or 54%

So, is it worth it?:
No! Although it comes with a nice array of accessories and has bright treble, it has horrible isolation and does not have anywhere near the sound quality of the Shure SE215s and even the TDK EB-950 in terms of sound quality from dynamic driver IEMs.
Thank you guys for your support! Please comment freely and subscribe to me! biggrin.gif
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My Tours are probably four years old (Monster version) but I can get good isolation with them. They certainly aren't the most bass heavy IEMs I own and are beat out pretty handily by the Monster Turbine. My only gripe with them is the upper mid-range bump that adds a bit of spiky sound at times. I liked them enough to pay $35 to get them repaired when one bud stopped working.

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Yup,true. A bit of distortion and well since both of us paid abt 150 for it I would spend 35 to get it repaired smily_headphones1.gif
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I bought mine refurbished for $50 when Monster was having a Friends and Family deal. I guess the price you pay has a direct effect on your satisfaction.

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Here's my unboxing on the new Tour.  Hope you will find it helpful. :)


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Took me awhile to get used to my Tour 2.0 fit but after burning em in and putting the left bud in my right ear and vice versa, the sound is actually pretty decent. Of course there could be better quality at the price point but I'm satisfied since I only use them for running and casual listening. 

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