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For Sale:
HeadAmp GS-X with Upgraded Dynalo+ Modules

Will Ship To: Canada / USA

That's right folks, my beloved HeadAmp GS-X w/ upgraded Dynalo+ modules (also included the quad of standard Dynalo modules too). This is simply the best amp I have heard yet! It bested my now sold LF and WA22 quite easily. Drives all of my cans with great authority (and IEMs too).

Price: $SOLD!

The MkII now sells for $2750. This is your opportunity to get the original GS-X WITH upgraded modules ($400 from HeadAmp) for a fantastic price and now! I did an A-B with the MkII (just bought to drive a potential HE-6 purchase) and with my HD-800, both amps sound identical.

Under bright light (like only a bright camera flash...not regular room lighting) you can see some differences in the silver, but it's never bothered me (my silver Cambridge Audio CDP underneath is the same way and did my WA22). In a regular room light (even daylight) it can't be seen.

Please PM me if you're interested (local Greater Toronto Area is also welcome for a local deal).

Please review my feedback (new and old school) and buy with complete confidence!
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