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30pin to USB LOD - cable question

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The official Apple sanctioned USB-LODs have to be active 30 pin LOD cables, DIY USB-LODs seem to only have 4 active pins.


Does this degrade the sound in any way?

Does this prevent charging via the device If it supports it?

What do those other 26 pins do?


Excuse my ignorance.


Thanks in advance as always.




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I'm assuming this is for the iPhone 4 as per your sig? 


Check out these threads:


And here's the pinout:





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Thanks, but I have a 30pin officially sanctioned usb-lod and a custom 4 pin usb-lod.


Just wanting to get some technical input from some of the DIY and cable makers here to the points in the OP.


Thanks again.


And thanks in advance to the future replies.

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Ah, of course. 


You may have better luck in the DIY forums. 





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Oh well, it shall remain a mystery then.

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