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The new Micromega Myzic headphone amp

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Anyone heard this yet ?


myzic presentation uk


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I have. I like it quite a bit with my hifiman he-400 headphones (using a rega brio r integrated). . I've also used the Asgard 2. For standard inputs (digital sources) I'd say they are pretty close. For vinyl listening (with a phono input being used for source), the myzic is a bit quieter. Lots of air. I also like the ergonomics of having on/off controlled by inserting the headphone into the jack. Feels solid, even though the case is plastic. Runs warm. but not hot. I like it a lot. Of course, I won't know about durability until I've run it for a couple of years, and I can't speak about how well it drives harder to drive headphones, but it is not straining at all with the hifiman's. 

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I really have to listen to myzic, it seems like a great little amp!
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Micromega Myzic comes in white and black. I really like the look and size of it.
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I have a review loaner unit of this amp currently in-house. There were a variety of things about it that caught my curiosity - the size/form factor, the specs (minimal as though they are on Micromega's site), and the fact it's made by a French company (haven't heard a French amp before).


I don't want to give anything away yet (especially since it's too early to say anything conclusive) but I'll be posting a review of it later on, compared to the HeadAmp Gilmore Lite.

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