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Hey Everyone, I had a question. I am hard pressed to find a cable that would suit my needs for my IE8. I am not all that impressed with the seemingly generic offerings of cables on Ebay for this IEM. It seems like everyone makes their own offering of teflon dialectric IEM cables with stranded copper.


I was wondering if I could make, or have another person make some IEM cables out of Auric OHNO hookup wire. The reason why is because I love audience cables. I used to sell them and they were one of the best brands I sold. 


I don't know were to get the plugs for the IE8 to even make cables with them. My ideal cable would be Auric OHNO cryo treated, with Oyaide 3.5mm plug and would measure 16 ohm (which is the nominal impedance of the IEM) I don't know how many conductors one could fit into an IEM cable but maybe 2-4. anybody have any suggestions?


Also I am leaning toward the HP-P1. I like the sound of my IE8 with my Macbook Pro using Decibel, would want something that was that digitally transparent, but more resolving. 


any opinions or suggestions are welcome. 

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