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For Sale: RWA100

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

-price DROP- I sorta forgot that I put this ad out there cuz selling this is low on the priority list.

Excellent Pretty-damn-good condition rwak100 for sale.  Its got a couple very light scuffs on it.  You can see 2 white dots on the 2nd pic and might be able to notice a slight scuff on the corner in the other picture.  You wouldn't notice them unless you were staring directly at them and told what to look for.  Otherwise, its minty fresh!

Low impedance makes it an IEM's best friend.  You can also pair it with an alo International (for sale too!), and drive LCD-3s with a nice footprint to match.

I'm taking my audiophilia in a different direction now, so stuff has to go to make room for more stuff.  If you're interested in both the rwak100 + alo international I'll make a nice deal.

Thanks for looking,


Oh, I should also say $595 covers shipping in the US- if you're international, then please pay the fees cuz shipping internationally is a pain.  PayPal fees aren't covered, but you can gift me to save yourself the 3%

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Did you sold it ?

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Hi Chris,


Have you sold your rwak100 yet ? 

I have PM you for shipping details. 

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Still for sale ? I'm interested ! PM sent a few days ago...might go for the dx90 if no answer before March !


Have you tried it with a T5p ?


Best regards


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