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I'm afraid if that if I open them,it will break.But sides are not closed because he didnt drag the plastin onto the teeth. I really don't care as long as they work.No money for a new pair.


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Thanks for the help guys. Really appreciated. I think I'll use the smaller 3.5mm cable that came with the headphones. I guess i'll just lose the option of detachable cable. I'll let you know how it goes.

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The more I own them and listen to them the more I love them.I think over the course of time they changed sound (burn in for non believers).Bass is much tighter now. (no amp no DAC only onboard audio)

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Originally Posted by chavez View Post

The more I own them and listen to them the more I love them.I think over the course of time they changed sound (burn in for non believers).Bass is much tighter now. (no amp no DAC only onboard audio)

Gonna break mine out again...it's been too long since I heard them.

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I gotta give props to whoever  makes the drivers for these headphones.


Basically, I'm using the HD681Evo drivers for a project of mine, bought a pair of these just for the drivers, sort of threw the rest of it away, because I just need the drivers for a 3D printed headphone I'm currently making, and basically, this project involves super gluing a piece of plastic onto a magnet  of the driver to hold it tightly in place and stiffen in to reduce vibration, just at this point, it's too messy to keep it like that forever. To make this story short, I didn't glue it properly, pulled on it to remove it, and the motha*****ing magnet popped out. It just fell out with a slightest tug, as if it was held inside the socket by another weak magnet. Great, there goes a driver I thought (btw, I ruined a Sony XB500 driver and a Sennheiser HD438 driver exactly the same way, apparently the glue used to keep the magnet in is very weak, so be careful around that area), but nope.


The driver was fine, the voice coil was untouched, so I decided to put the magnet back in, and then ran into problems, somehow, in some weird way, the plastic hole for the magnet shrunk, because the magnet didn't fit in anymore. I scraped all of the yellow rubbery glue out of that socket, sanded the magnet to make it clean and shiny, and then comes the reason why I give praise to these drivers (and my 3D printed baffle which is strong enough be ran over with a tank and survive, apparently, despite being light as a feather, woooo for my engineering skills).  I managed to squeeze that magnet back into the hole with such force that I thought I'd break the floor  underneath the driver, let alone the driver itself. Basically, think of a 90kg heavy guy using all of his strength, focusing the entire force through one thumb and shoving down on the magnet into the hole.  It went in, and not a single piece of that assembly cracked. Amazing. Despite being held by just very thin plastics, that driver frame is strong as a rock. HD438 and Sony XB500 drivers snapped like toothpicks with 1/10th of the force.  Just for a comparison...


So props to  Superlux, their headphones might be cheaper than pretty much anything else on the market, but drivers are incredibly tough. Might I also add that it sounds exactly the same as before I broke it, it measures the same, etc.   And it sounds wonderful, even at this early stage, my frankenstein headphones sound considerably better than a stock HD681Evo and are in 300+ dollar territory in terms of sound. These drivers have incredible potential but are ruined by the cheap design and build of the stock headphones.

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Broke out my EVO's after months of storage...played some Liquid Tension Experiment and remembered why I bought these in the first place. Great bass that doesn't bleed all over the lower mids (foam mod) and still some detail there. Plenty comfy and easy to drive!

Gotta keep em' :dt880smile:

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