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I haven't had any issue's with mine yet but I am careful when putting them on. Let me know how you do repairing them I have a large cranium also. 

Oh.. I just patched it together with some rigid and thin pleather material and super glue. This will most likely just be a temporary fix but I hope it lasts long. X)

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Can a new headband be ordered from Superlux? I am really starting to enjoy this headphone and wouldn't want to be without it for any length of time while trying to repair the headband.

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Oh god nevermind. The material I used to patch it up also snapped after a few hours of use. This headband needs something that can withstand serious tension. O_O

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My only downside for all these superlux headphone is the male connector part

They all broke down less than a year
Yup, ive own several model and they broke for this same reason

Any guide/tips on repair it back?
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