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Originally Posted by CADCAM View Post

I haven't had any issue's with mine yet but I am careful when putting them on. Let me know how you do repairing them I have a large cranium also. 

Oh.. I just patched it together with some rigid and thin pleather material and super glue. This will most likely just be a temporary fix but I hope it lasts long. X)

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Can a new headband be ordered from Superlux? I am really starting to enjoy this headphone and wouldn't want to be without it for any length of time while trying to repair the headband.

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Oh god nevermind. The material I used to patch it up also snapped after a few hours of use. This headband needs something that can withstand serious tension. O_O

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My only downside for all these superlux headphone is the male connector part

They all broke down less than a year
Yup, ive own several model and they broke for this same reason

Any guide/tips on repair it back?
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try change the jack with better one
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Hi, I'm new here and I am new to this music production thing,
I purchased this Superlux HD 681 evo After more than a year the wire has broke.
I will post pics later when I am allowed permission.

These are great phones, but when you're careless the wires break. Mine broke. The only flaw with the superlux brand is the exposed wiring. It's male, whereas i've seen other headphones online like the beats by dr dre it's female.

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Can anyone here help me. I bought my headphones 2 weeks ago. Now only one side is working but I did nothing to them, it just went. It is the side with the extension that is not working (left side). I opened it and and all the cables are still connected. Has anyone heard of others having this problem? Its the HD681 EVO of course.

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I';ve bought a new superlux hd661 and i immediately wrapped the male part with wite. like a smaller telephone receiver cord (you know that spring)
do this guys or make the part harder and not bendable. that will ensure it won't break and it will last longer.

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I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this thread.
I recently purchased a pair of HD681 EVOs, listened to them for about 10 minutes and then set to modifying them based on observations and issues.

So far I haven't put in the filter to drop the bass (I'm a bit of a basshead) but it might become annoying enough to warrant cracking them open again.

I have a pair of Philips Fidelio X1's and Beyer DT770 250ohms for comparison, all running from an Aune T1.
Some day soon I'll replace the Aune with a higher quality amp but it's doing it's job well.

Someone commented that the EVOs benefit from decent amping and I'm inclined to agree. Separation is better as is the sound stage and the overall extra energy is nice. At work I've used them straight out of a DAC and they're totally agreeable from that as a source.


I ripped out the male dongle 3.5mm plug and replaced it with a quality female jack, replaced all the wiring and removed the felt from in front of the drivers.
I also glued a strip of "pleather" to the top of the head strap to keep it from ripping. This was both cosmetic and functional. The head band now looks quite a bit more money.
The jack I used looks absolutely stock and holds 3.5mm plugs strongly.

Removing the felt definitely helped. I like treble so removing that veil was good to my ears. There are of course tracks that have more harsh treble in them and this just accentuates that more so I try to stay away from them. So far so good.


Interestingly there are certain things that I think the EVOs do better than my X1's. Something about how they present the sound stage coming from the Aune has made me interested to swap tubes again. I've been using a Voskhod 6922 equivalent for a long while and I'm curious to hear how my Amperex and RCA tubes sound with these cans. I feel like a lot of the audio is more centered and colored slightly differently than what I'm used to and I can't yet tell if it's the tube or the EVOs.

The highs are obviously more "sparkly" and peaky and in ways, outshine the highs on the X1's. Things are more crispy and I'm noticing small differences I hadn't before. Possibly the elusive "microdetails". The highs on the X1's are known to be rolled off and the EVO definitely extends the highs. Of course the bass is way more than what the X1's put out which is already more than most "audiophiles" care to have. As far as the quality of the bass, I still haven't come to a conclusion yet. There's resolution and texture to it but it's definitely still more "boomy" and softened than more expensive cans. I can't complain about the extension though, the sub bass is pretty amazing.


I'm not a fan of disassembling these things. Not because it's hard, it's because reassembling them is not cool. The elastic straps for the headband are scary to push back into place because you have to push them in from the back with something narrow and not pointy. Even using the tip of needle nose pliers I managed to puncture the rubbery elastic on one of them. This is where the Superlux cost cutting comes into play. I'm still amazed they used the tension rods inside the plastic tubes as conductors.

I think the wiring attached to the male 3.5mm jack is extremely small, probably 30 gauge wire. My assumption is that if you have trouble with one of the drivers, it's due to a bad solder joint or a broken wire. I replaced all the wiring with 26 gauge just for good measure.


I'm too lazy to post pics right now. Also, they're on my head. :)

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Originally Posted by inphu510n View Post


Interestingly there are certain things that I think the EVOs do better than my X1's.

It is very tube dependent with Aune T1 and I quess You just haven`t found right tube for X1. And it`s not easy to find right tube to match X1 soundstage width and front depth capabilities.

Haven`t tested all tubes I have but so far Siemens E88CC, Pinnacle PCC85 (National Japan), JAN Sylvania 6922 and Siemens PCC189 (Mullard Blackburn) have been great. Siemens E88CC is perfect match and best out of those imho.

I have modded HD-681 and X1 is superior in every way with Siemens E88CC tube and upgraded capacitors. EVO shouldn`t be much different from HD-681 (modded HD-681 is considered even better by many).

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I would suggest first to use the software EQ to match your taste in the low end or DIY an external filter and replace the low end resistors to match it. Once you get the right FR you can open up the HP for the final mod. :wink_face:

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That's a really good point. Do an external mod inline with a cable to figure out the desired FR first.
Haha, so simple. Thanks!
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Is there a way to loose the headphones width a bit? They really push hard, and my teeth start to hurt, maybe my head is too small and the speakers just push towards my jaw i dunno 

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hold it with a large thing like helmet, basket ball, some books, or a box ( a bit more bigger than your head diameters ) CMIIW
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kept all night stretched doesn't help can't really deform them like that, maybe with some hot temperature but that would be too risky

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