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EVO's and HD381's coming around 8th of August. Cant wait.I just hope my onboard soundcard wont ruin them.

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Originally Posted by elzafir View Post

And can anyone confirm that the left cup has more rumble than the right? Never had dual-entry headphones to confirm it my self.



I've noted such issues with other single cup entry headphones.  Not with the EVO - or, at least not noted.  The conductors in the stock cables actually surprised me a bit.  They were of better quality than the hairline thin wires in some of the Sennheiser headphones I've owned.  But, with the longer cable that was included, I did suffer the fate of one of the cable ends not lasting too long.  I had a conductor break at the strain relief area of the cable.  To me, this is one of the weakest areas for the Evos.


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Can you guy help me to compare this HD681 EVO with Sennheiser PX90 or Sennheiser HD 202 II please. Thank you very much :D


I use the HD-202 II as a pair of headphones for cable testing, etc.  Not as much for listening for an extended period.  My pair has SMC connectors as a modification - again, for cable testing.


The Evo is a better headphone, in my opinion as the 202 falls a bit short on delivery.  For the price, the 202 did surprise me a bit.   However, the 681 Evo surprised me a bit more.


They're not used as a headphone for analytic listening though - they suit my needs as a quick grab headphone when I have a period of time to listen to some music for about 30 minutes at a time.  Their lower cost removes any guilt from me as the $500 headphones I have tend to really make one try their hardest to take care of them.  The Evos, not as much.  If they get tossed around a bit, I don't feel bad because at their price, they're basically an economical and recyclable pair of headphones.

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