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EVO's and HD381's coming around 8th of August. Cant wait.I just hope my onboard soundcard wont ruin them.

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Originally Posted by elzafir View Post

And can anyone confirm that the left cup has more rumble than the right? Never had dual-entry headphones to confirm it my self.



I've noted such issues with other single cup entry headphones.  Not with the EVO - or, at least not noted.  The conductors in the stock cables actually surprised me a bit.  They were of better quality than the hairline thin wires in some of the Sennheiser headphones I've owned.  But, with the longer cable that was included, I did suffer the fate of one of the cable ends not lasting too long.  I had a conductor break at the strain relief area of the cable.  To me, this is one of the weakest areas for the Evos.


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Can you guy help me to compare this HD681 EVO with Sennheiser PX90 or Sennheiser HD 202 II please. Thank you very much :D


I use the HD-202 II as a pair of headphones for cable testing, etc.  Not as much for listening for an extended period.  My pair has SMC connectors as a modification - again, for cable testing.


The Evo is a better headphone, in my opinion as the 202 falls a bit short on delivery.  For the price, the 202 did surprise me a bit.   However, the 681 Evo surprised me a bit more.


They're not used as a headphone for analytic listening though - they suit my needs as a quick grab headphone when I have a period of time to listen to some music for about 30 minutes at a time.  Their lower cost removes any guilt from me as the $500 headphones I have tend to really make one try their hardest to take care of them.  The Evos, not as much.  If they get tossed around a bit, I don't feel bad because at their price, they're basically an economical and recyclable pair of headphones.

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My ear is 6.5 cm in length, will it all fit inside the earcup?
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given the h681 description about its sound, how would the hd669 sound in comparison?

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GUYS... i currently have the hd668b


is it worth it going to these or should i get the m50? price drop is quite good

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I have both and I prefer the 668b. I like a more neutral SQ over the accentuated bass of the EVO. I did do a mod similar to the foam mod on the EVO and it helps. I removed the foam\felt piece over the center of the driver and replaced it with a thin cotton make-up thingy my wife uses. It brought the highs out a little more and evened off the sound a bit. The EVO is still bassy though and I use them more for "fun" listening rather than critical listening. They are good with metal and heavier music while the 668b is fine for most genres. The 668b can be a little strident some times with its treble depending on the recording. They do scale up really well though. IMHO

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Hi, I just had evo for couple week and had trying to use the 'free' extra velvet pad included by superlux, but my ears got contrary feel from what others member experience here smily_headphones1.gif the bass is a little controled but also make the mid and high feels more sibilance or like metalic, plus I can't feel the power of double pedal kicking with my metal song, but its not good with dj music which give too much kicking. can anyone advise how to reduce the bass without affecting the double pedal power on bass line ? Sorry my english tongue.gif

edit: has anyone did remove the the acoustic damper in hd681 evo? what would happen if I did that?
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Acoustic damper it's the sticker that says "do not remove" in front of the driver? 


You could try some 15-band eq (I have one in my MusicBee player) to eq the bass it has 32hz, 50hz, 80hz and 125hz settings and see if you can lower any of those without affecting the double bass too much? Or try increasing some 100hz punch while using the velour pads. 

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yea, that white paper around small black felt disk which had 6 holes on evo, I read on some site removing it with another thin cloth could make the bass more thick but its ireversible and I dont (like) eq-ing my player smily_headphones1.gif
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Quick update on my variation of the foam mod. I removed the thick black foam/felt disc in front of the drivers and replaced them with a thin cotton round makeup pad my wife uses and I must say I am reaching for my EVO's much more now. It seems to allow a little more mid and high frequencies in, balancing the over powering bass that I originally had with my EVO's. They almost sound like my HD668b's now with much more bass. Before I would only listen to the EVO's for fun and not to listen seriously but now they are a bit more balanced across the spectrum from highs to lows. If anyone hasn't removed the those felt pads I would seriously consider trying it and replacing it with one thin cotton pad in its place, it really improved the sound of my headphones. I think if I just removed the original pad it might have let too much of the highs in but the cotton pad filters just enough for my taste. YMMV

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sorry I was mistaken, I mean punch hole mod
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Listening to Vital Tech Tones 2 through a JDS Labs O2 amp being fed from a Beresford Bushmaster MKII and man it is sounding really good. This headphone can sound great with a good source and the little foam\felt modification. :L3000:

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Man I love these headphones. They sound way better than the gaming ones (Corsair Vengeance 1400) I got a month earlier for 1.5x the price but damn my EVO's are only 10 days old and the right side of the adjusting headband just snapped like 'meh'.


My head must be uber ginormous. x_x

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Originally Posted by purdoy25 View Post

Man I love these headphones. They sound way better than the gaming ones (Corsair Vengeance 1400) I got a month earlier for 1.5x the price but damn my EVO's are only 10 days old and the right side of the adjusting headband just snapped like 'meh'.


My head must be uber ginormous. x_x

I haven't had any issue's with mine yet but I am careful when putting them on. Let me know how you do repairing them I have a large cranium also. 

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damn! been trying use their 'cheap' velvet pad included on the packaging I wasn't satisfied mid and high sounds more harsh and way too open for semi-open cans,
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