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Wow...would have to try that but doesn't that move the driver away from the ear quite a bit? Any negatives to SQ?

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You only have to slightly up the volume (+5db id say top). I think it affects the sound stage (technically should) but didn't get to notice that properly yet D:

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Any opinions on the foam mod for the evo v2? (the one that comes with velvet pads)

I remember reading somewhere it wasn't needed anymore but can't find it so no sure. Still I really want to try it. Is there any known way to safely put the discs back on in case it's not appreciated? :o

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I removed the felt and I can already tell the sound stage is better. I don't find the treble as annoying as I can have read even tho it does tweak them up fairly. Liking it so far :)

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If the treble gets a little annoying, you can replace the felt with a thinner felt...

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i`ve bought the HD681 EVO White, but i`ve not arrived yet.

A Asus DGX would make it sound better than my cheap onboard ? ( Motherboard is a MSI H77MA-G43 )

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Yes it will. My DX clearly improved the sound from my onboard, I had older realtek integrated tho. 892 (ones on yours) are getting decent reviews it seems. Anyway you'll have a huge boost in volume capacity too considering the dgx got an amp.

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I bet that once you put on the 681 EVO you will gain much better sound even on your onboard audio provided with good source. I read some post before regarding some good user reviews on DGX vs onboard which improves quality and had much improvement using Asus STX but with higher cost.

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well ofc STX will sound better but it's clearly not the same budget :o the DGX is a really cheap card, and should work good enough combined with the evo tbh.

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Yeah, i think the STX is too expensive for the EVO, probably going to buy an DGX  :L3000:


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