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If i would like the ooompfh, i would not favor the 681-B (Balanced) ;D and my favorite can is the AKG K400 & K501. These are by no means basshead cans . . . . but for Rock or electronica . . . they are not really the best way to go. And the 668B isn't either imo, because you need that juice for some genres. You cant listen to electronica & Hip Hop etc. with a classic can like K501. Its not fun. So does that make me a basshead? i dont think so xD I favor the 681-B but the 681 and evo are tooo bassheavy for me. thats what i wanna say. The bass of these is not quality bass. its muddy. the 681-b has the right amount of bass, its similar to shure srh440s/840s bass. not basshead muddy bass, but quality bass. The 668b sounds just limited and not as good im comparison imo. Its like if you would compare a sony zx600 with Beyerdynamic DT880.


With 681-B you dont need a filter mod. With 681 you need it. That says everything about the soundquality between these 2 models. And the EVO sounds even worse than an unmodded normal 681.



BUT: i have said, what i wanted to said and that is just my opinion. Everyone has his own experiences with the superluxes. I have all of them and i have compared them all together. I haven't just read reviews in forums. I did it by myself, so when people tell me this and that about these and those headphones . . . but they haven't heard them, just read anything about them, i smile. Because i only write down my opinion about something, when i tested it myself. And i know what i've heard. And everyone hears different. So so should not only consider my writing, because its only my experience, not everyones ;D

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Who likes mothers, who likes daughters... matter of taste ;) We understand you like 681-B more than HD-330/HD-660 with rock but this doesn`t discredit Mike`s impressions liking HD-330/HD-660 more compared to HD-662/HD-662B/HD-669 in case of rock music. And I`m not trying to discredit your opinion but there are many opinions and nuances that come into play (hearing, source, taste etc.).

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Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

This pretty much says to me that you are just more bass & ooomph lover. With rock music you do not need the "oomph" like HD-681 has, at least to my taste. I have HD-681 & HD-662F and like I told in the other SL thread:

I have the 681B, 681F, 662B and 668B. The SL don't have the oomph he is looking for, I agree. It's a trade-off in that the SL have the detail, finesse and air that far more expensive hps have, but at the expense of bass slam.

I *do* listen to rock, hip hop and EDM on my SL but those styles sound thinner, and more detailed btw, when I do.

To get the oomph and slam, that's what the Takstar Pro 80 closed cans or JVC HA-S400/500/680 are for.
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I think they have enough oomph & slam when you filter mod those. Without filter mods I might even half-agree. Though, Aune T1 tubes might add this missing "oomph" for my cans and my taste might also be different. I`m not basshead but I love quality bass and modded HD-681 & HD-662F gives me it well!

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Originally Posted by bhazard View Post

ISK is definitely not Superlux. They have their own lines and factory. The SEM6 IEM I picked up beats out every IEM Superlux has to offer.

Here is the ISK website and full line:

The ISK's can be had for very cheap, even to Germany. The HP-580 (semi open) and HP-680 (closed) seem to be the newest, and both are under $30. The HP-980 seems older, but goes for $50-70.
Use a Taobao agent like Mistertao.com, and choose China Post shipping:

HP-580 most popular seller:


Neither one should be more than $30 shipped to you. I'd be interested in hearing comparisons if you wanted to try them. So far I like the 580 better than the EVO.

I have had the ISK 580s for about a week now. I love the sound. I compared it to my friend's 681 and it doesnt have the harsh highs. 681 and SR850 sound similar to me. im still new to this headphone world so my ears are still relatively untrained, but i have done A Lot of comparisons and this is my thoughts. The big problem with the ISK is that it looks like a sh*t! How would you compare the sound of the 580s to 681 and Evo? Still havn't heard the EVOs yet...
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Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

I think they have enough oomph & slam when you filter mod those. Without filter mods I might even half-agree. Though, Aune T1 tubes might add this missing "oomph" for my cans and my taste might also be different. I`m not basshead but I love quality bass and modded HD-681 & HD-662F gives me it well!



Would you say the 681, 622F or EVOs are flatter and better for studio mixing? I'm mainly producing electronic so deep, accurate bass is quite important. I'm leaning towards EVOs but afraid of what people say of its bloated bass and lack of treble. 

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For studio mixing - HD662F, most neutral/balanced out of them.

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Thanks, does it have the harsh trebles the 681 has though? I'm not a modding person

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Yes, it has harsh trebles, at least the one I got.

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Please give me some tips to tame the treble for a more neutral sound. Velours? Adding material in the pads? I wont be doing filter mods. Much appreciated smily_headphones1.gif
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Can`t help you if you won`t do filter mod.

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Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

I think they have enough oomph & slam when you filter mod those. Without filter mods I might even half-agree. Though, Aune T1 tubes might add this missing "oomph" for my cans and my taste might also be different. I`m not basshead but I love quality bass and modded HD-681 & HD-662F gives me it well!

Where is that 681 filter mod thread? One or two filter mods in boxes will work with the entire line. Easy enough to make them.
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Originally Posted by CoiL View Post
HD-681 & HD-662F filter modification info! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by CoiL View Post

In case of production/advertisement it`s probably same series headphone which has been upgraded a little to address it`s "problems".


In case of modding, it means certain filter mod for HD681 for example (medium mkII hardware filter).


I`m going to put some info (collected from RG forum modification thread) into this thread for everyone who want to mod their HD-681 (red rings) or HD-662F:


Link to HD-681 modifications thread: http://rockgrotto.proboards.com/thread/4769/superlux-hd-681-modifications


Link to HD-681 medium mkII filter: http://rockgrotto.proboards.com/thread/4769/superlux-hd-681-modifications?page=26&scrollTo=70109


Link to HD-662F filter mod: http://rockgrotto.proboards.com/post/124411/thread


And here`s detailed information about filter components:



Filter components:
use wirewound, Metal film, carbon whatever you like or feel will be better.
Not of any importance really in this application as long as the wattage is 
ABOVE 0.25W (which most resistors are)
capacitor 1uF:
Multicomp MCRR50105Z5UM00050 = Farnell order code 121-6447
Multicomp MCRR50105X7RK00050 = Farnell order code 121-6443 (used by me)
AVX SR305C105KTR = Farnell order code 110-0398
AVX SA305E10MARTB = Farnell order code 110-0420
Inductor (choke coil):
EPCOS B82144A2474J = Farnell order code 517-070 (used by me)
EPCOS B82145A1474J000 = Farnell order code 164-4331
or any other small coil, inductor, choke with 470uH and a resistance of 
equal or lower than 2.5 Ohms.
Only the resistor values are to be altered.
You can vary the resistor value 
of R3 and R4 (now 39 Ohms) between 27 (to little damping of high freq) to 
120 Ohms (a bit too much damping of high freq.). You can put a 100 Ohms 
potentiometer in it's place and fiddle with the settings for instance.
If the resistor value of R3/R4 is between 25 and 50 Ohms use 56 Ohm resistors for R1/R2
If the resistor value of R3/R4 is between 50 and 75 Ohms use 47 Ohm resistors for R1/R2
If the resistor value of R3/R4 is between 75 and 150 Ohms use 39 Ohm resistors for R1/R2
The capacitor and inductor need not to be changed as these are the frequency 
determining parts of the filter.
 Resistor R3/R4 determines the Q factor of the 
filter AND amount (dB) of filtering at the filter frequency.
The center frequency is around 7.2kHz.
L1,C1,R1,L2,C2,R2 are for compensating 
the impedance peak which is caused by the filter network L3,L4,R3,R4,C3,C4.
You can leave L1,C1,R1,L2,C2,R2 out IF you want if you are ONLY going 
to use these cans on a low Z output amp (around 10 Ohms). 
In all other circumstances (output impedance between say .. 20 Ohms and 600 
Ohms or unknown) this part (L1,C1,R1,L2,C2,R2) of the filter network is ESSENTIAL 
in obtaining the right amount of damping.
maximum highs, sibilance gone HD681 character remains (first filter):
R1=R2=56 Ohm
R3=R4=39 Ohm
slightly less treble but still close to original HD681 character:
R1=R2=56 Ohm
R3=R4=47 Ohm
less treble but still brighter then Sennheiser signature in general (second filter):
R1=R2=39 Ohm
R3=R4=56 Ohm
About equal to Sennheiser signature in general bass more prominent:
R1=R2=39 Ohm
R3=R4=82 Ohm
Some say polyprop sounds better (in this picture).
Some will say mica or 
silver-mica is better, yet not available in these values.
 Multitlayer ceramics 
(X7R is preferred over Z5U) are small and can be used inside the headphone without 
taking up too much space. There are also smaller sized polypropyline avaiable.
The voltage (which determines the size) is not of importance. 
For external filters 
the sky is the limit (money wise) and can be constructed to your audio religion.
Q: For the orginal HD681 filter from the very first page, say I want to attenuate 
the ~7.25 kHz frequency 3db rather than 6db? I replace the resistor in parallel 
part of the filter with one of lower value correct? What value would I use? 
A: Parallel filter (the one in series with the driver) between 27 and 33 Ohm
filter (on the input of the filter) R = 68 Ohm


Have fun modding your HD-681 or HD-662F ...I`m loving these cans! Filter modded HD-662F = great neutral balanced headphone for analytical & studio listening. Filter modded (medium mkII filter) HD-681 (red rings) with velour or custom pads = great dynamical and fun sounding (not muddy) with little extension in both, highs and lows, with great mids section and large clear soundstage.



Soon Frans is going to release modding guide for HD-681 EVO too. 



For EVO filter mods go backwards in this thread.

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Hey guys,


So I'm looking to get a budget pair of headphones and one of the Superluxes seems right up my alley. The 681B sounds the best to me but I can't seem to find them online. Amazon just has the Superlux 681 (has the red accents), Superlux 668B, and the black & white models of the 681 Evo. These would be driven by a Nexus 7, Galaxy Note 2 and the onboard audio of my AsRock H77m-itx motherboard (some sort of Realtek chip I believe)


Out of these available, what would give me the best all around performance? I game and mostly listen to 80's (Rock/Hits).

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I would go for the EVO or the standard red 681
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