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Looking for Headphones for Metal music.

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Hello everyone. This is my first post on the forum.

I am quite picky about sound and have tried many headphones. 

I have tried Sennheiser headphones, I dont remember model but I bought them for £100. Sound was clear but too low volume. I suppose those were not made for mp3 players. Cable was broken and I had no way to fix them. 

Then I used Bose EO. I think those had the best sound. I loved the sound and the bass. However, I was disappointed about build quality. Speakers started turning 360 degrees and eventually, they broke in half. (I broke cable as well) What a disappointment for such a great sound quality.

My next choice was Beats By Dr Dre Mixr. I bought them because of the metal body and disconnectable cable. (Is there even such word "disconnectable"?). Sound - well, not the best. Hurt my ears as hell. Then I got a chance to exchange Mixr for Beats Pro. Sound - "Are you kidding me? £350 for that???". Body quality - great.

I sold them after 1 week of using, because I felt shame for the sound with cost of £350.

I hope this is enough to form a picture about me. Obviously, any sound "freak" would not come even close to Beats (Sadly, I did). And, I do not do research before buying somethin - just trust the price.

I hope that someone can suggest me great headphones for Metal/Alternative/Core music with clear sound and deep bass. Price - I guess up to £250. But you can suggest something at a higher price.

I wish a headphones with the body quality of Beats Pro and Sound quality of Bose OE. Ability to change cable is crucial.

Thanks everyone. 

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Audio Technica ATH-A900X (closed) headphones

Digbuy is selling them for $179.99, plus tax (free shipping).

Not a super bassy headphone, but still good over all sound quality.

(I paid $256 for mine).

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My top recommendation for metal is the HD-25 I II

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Yeah beats mixers suck, my friend had a pair


I'd say the HD25's or Amperiors, maybe the V-Moda M80's or M100's? there a little laid back but I would still say fast enough.

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The senn HD25 is quite good for metal. Also you may consider the grado series, they sound good with metal too regular_smile%20.gif

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I second the recommendations of many here.  If by "body," you mean a rugged, bullet-proof build, then Sennheisers (HD600/650) are among the highest-quality production headphones.  They're also very deep in bass.  Unfortunately - as you found out - they're not something that you can simply plug into an mp3 player or smartphone.  You have to have an amp, further - you need an amp that can swing a lot of voltage.  Not even most portable amps can do that.


Grados are indeed thought of very often in the context of rock music (heavy metal applies).  They can render guitar perhaps better than any headphone.  However, the bass is not really that deep.  Most people don't notice that, because many Grados have a decided punch peak at around 50-100Hz.  The result is that besides their great highs and sparkle, they have a very pleasing constant punchiness.  They are also easy to drive with small amps and players (depending on the model).  Unfortunately, if you are looking for very high-quality manufacturing results and ruggedness, Grados are very far away from that.


The Sennheiser HD25-1 II's or Amperiors could indeed fill your requirements.  Don't be taken aback by their totally plastic construction (the Amperiors do have machined aluminum cans).  They can be stomped on and still deliver fantastic sound quality.  Like Sony V6's, they are almost ubiquitous in broadcast booths and recording studios for just that reason - ruggedness.  Almost every part is replaceable and can be purchased from Sennheiser.  Another reason for using them in broadcast and recording is that they have tremendous isolation.  They're good for rock because they have a good bottom punch, some sparkle on the high end, and even have a very good midrange - they're a very neutral headphone, as a matter of fact. 

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If you can find a pair of Sennheiser Momentum at your price range, go for it! It's a complete upgrade from the Amperior. Other than these two headphones, I will suggest the AKG K550 for reference

Hope this helps!
Billson smily_headphones1.gif
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Thank you for all your replies. It was so helpful.

I will look into Sennheiser HD25-1 II and V-Moda Crossfade M-100. 

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