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For Trade: HIFIMAN HE-500

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This Classified is Closed

For Trade:

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hey guys, I want to trade my New HE-500's for anything interesting. These were purchased on 6/24/2013 and received on 6/25/2013. Honestly, I took them out of the box to listen to and that's it. I haven't used them excessively over the past 9 days or did weird "burn-in" sessions. For people who previously saw this post I wanted to trade these HE-500's for a portable high-end headphone or earphone on my original classified but I already got an Ultrasone Edition 8 recently by trade on head-fi. Now I just want to trade these for anything interesting. Please PM if interested!


If you want photos of the actual receipt, please PM me and I will send them to you.


Note: If these are not traded by July 15 I am returning them to whence they came. Thank you all!

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Oops forgot to post some photos of receipt! I'll get to it!

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Sorry I mean if you want photos of the receipt, PM me.

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Pmed interest
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updated pictures pplz

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