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I thought it might be worth starting a thread on Gaming consoles, gaming PC's and accessories for them,

What do you have? Pros and Cons? Any bargains to be had out there?


I'll start the ball rolling with my most recent purchase from Ebay... these excellent Fullview3D Dual play gaming glasses.

The RRP is £12.99 but they are on sale for just £7.50 (Delivered in the UK!) for two pairs at the moment.

They are for use with all Passive type 3D TV's and allow each player to see a full screen with two player split screen gaming with 3D mode enabled.

No more squinting to see what is going on and no more cheating by looking at the other players screen. Brilliant.






I bought these after several attempts to buy the official LG dual play gaming glasses on Ebay only to receive poor fakes/copies and having to return them so I decided to take a punt on these and they have turned out to be my favourite ever gaming bargain.


Pros- Great bargain price. They look good and work great. Very comfortable and good quality.


Cons- Can't think of any really.





Any more bargains out there that you'd care to recommend?

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Here is my next piece of kit..


It's a one off racing cockpit which had been built by the Prodrive team out of roll cage tubing for Petter Sohlberg and it looks to have one of the actual WRC spec Kevlar Recaros from one of Petters old WRC cars fitted. I bought it because I was interested in buying a piece of WRC history but may as well end up just using it for the kids... and er.. me redface.gif


My only problem is that it is massive and weighs a ton and I'm in two minds with what to do with it... do I go with a 3 monitor & 5.1 surround sound audio set-up or modify it to incorporate a projector for SuperFOV such as this amazing, extremely lifelike set-up as used by Remco?

Rfactor with Porsche 956, Gruppe C mod on the Nurburgring... change image quality to 1080p and enjoy, what a great set-up! 

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