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Best app for music in iOS

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Hi! Good day!

Has anyone have any idea on what is the best music app for iphone 4s?

I'm using a shure se425 as an iem.

Thanks for the help
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On my iPhone I use the standard music app with ALAC Files and Spotify Premium. Haven't found much advantage in using anything else.

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Aren't there any apps to improve the sound? Improve soundstage, etc?
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Software doesn't usually make a difference in audio. If you want improvement, invest in an amp.
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clown, there are a few apps out there that do artificial soundstage boosts, and bass boosts and stuff like that. But those are not really discussed around here as they introduce an unnatural element to the music and most people don't like it. Even using EQ is a hot topic tongue.gif


I use EQu, and Accudio for my phone. They are both equalization programs that help me EQ if I want to. They interface with the music on your phone. Accudio has a special feature where you can demo your earphone, by applying EQ, to sound as close to linear, flat - as possible. Fun to play with if your headphone is one of the chosen lot. 

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Thanks for the advice... Equ works fantastic... smily_headphones1.gif
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