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4!!! AKG k271 mods that can greatly change your experience with them!! EARGASM (PLURAL) AWAITS!!!

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bounjour, hi-fi community


         Before you even start doing these three mods MAKE SHURE YOU BURN IN YOU K271 FOR 200HOURS!!!!!!NOT WITH MUSIC EITHER!!!! or else it will render some of these mods pointless!! i did my burn in with pink, white noise with 2 frequency sweeps running all at the same time, with my tone generator on my mac, but if you don't have these noises your self, go pick up a app on the appstore called "Audio sizzler" the PAID VERSION JUST 99ç!!! NOT the lite version so you will have will have all the options, which are all VITAL to your burn in. although i LOVE MY k271 in stock mode especially when burned in there is always room for improvement. i hope you enjoy and appreciate these mods for i spent nearly 6 hours writing this review and testing they sounded, and if you don't like these mods, I'm truly sorry for wasting your time and money and you can always do something called a refund NOTE: the greatest mod of them all that can be done with all headphones and is called a "BURN IN" so stop being so cynical about burn in's because it actually WORKS and improves things such as volume, dynamics, and sound quality it just depends how long you have burn them in and if you got the right hours and burned them in properly(not with music) other wise you won't see a difference


THE DPM PAD MOD!!!! (creative name EH??) D for denon P for pioneer M for mids since it significantly improves



              the first one is the most effective and the most important one but.....!##$@ this mod is for MID HEADS and for people who want a better low end response!!! this is NOT NO NO NOT for "headphone extremist" (green horns.... newbies) who just look for solid bass and a very bright treble and what they call "crystal clear sound" or "solid bass" i find all experienced and dedicated audiophiles are mid heads anyways including my self since nearly all the sounds we hear are in the mid range and lows. Although this mod improves your sub bass and better low end response , bass doesn't just "magically" appear out of nowhere, and this will not give you the ULTIMATE PUNCH, but it will improve your low responses.but before we begin our lovely MODDING YAYAYAY this mod is VERY VERY VERY expensive (for a mod anyways) it cost around 130$ without tax so there is ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME in backing off, so unless you are a rich bastard and have 100-200 dollars lying around i do not blame you ESPECIALLY when you're not supposed to believe everything on the internet and blow your money on stupid things. so to start off you need to get the headphone (or just get the pads somehow) called the Pioneer se-mj31,secondly you need to get the denon DH -D600 headphones which will cost you  549$ ROFL I'm just pulling your guys legs you can get the pads separately YAY but on the down side it will cost you 100$. now to start off you just take the mesh out of the ear cup (this can be done with both the 271 and the 240) and overall increases volume and is a bit more sterile and revealing, and it makes the highs and upper mid range more emphatic and noticeable and overall quite effective and definitely is vital improvement NOTE: DO NOT pull the mesh off right away if you want to put them back, so what you do to take them off is you peel slowly by the sticker which keeps it there and NOT BY THE MESH OR PADS THEMSELVES or else you won't be able to put them back on properly unless you glue or tape it there yourself that is. secondly you take off the stock pads and put on the denon pads (i will show you in a picture how i put mine on) then you put the pioneer pads inside the denon pads, make sure the pads do not cover the driver at all!! and make sure you put on the pads EXACTLY the way i did otherwise it may impair and alternate the way it sounds. also when your done move the cups around on your head a bit, that too alternates and changes the sound for position-ment is quite important



                                                            VERY  VERY  VERY COMFY

                         L  side                                       !!!!EARGASM!!!!                              R side


this is how the left should look like                                              this is how the right should look like



                               _              _

How Does It Sound? d66b          I  I_   CURIOUS GORGE???? 

                               I0I  ?????I   

                             _I  _I     _I _I


          well for starters, it is extremely COMFORTABLE  and isolates EXTREMELY WELL. Anyways the midrange is more emphatic and so seductive and full you can almost taste the sweetness in the 1-2khz range and the 2-8khz hole is now filled particularly in the 4-8khz region like a nice even angled hill and it sounds so natural and unforced and balanced and DEFINITELY warmer and less cold and clinical sounding, and at the same time more dynamic, but just the right amount of impulsiveness and dynamics so it does not interfere with the natural silky sound, but it has less of a broad band dynamic range as for if you have it in stock. the mid range is intensely dense with richness and sweetness compared to the uncoloured thin sound, and it's so saturated with tonal fullness and timbre quality and just has the right amount of attenuation in the upper mid range and is very balanced particularly 5-8khz. although the mid range is alot more full and emphatic, it still retains it's incredible resolution without compromise, you still can detect the raspy-ness and timbre qualities is someones voice yet in a such natural, unforced way (no piercing!!!!), the resolution is on the lines of the legendary sony mdr v-6 and the natural ness and balance and unforced, and sweetness sound is of the sony mdr r10 and the fullness and care for tonal fullness and care for reverberations, and the vocal and bass protection is on the lines of the senhieser 500-600 series yet more smoother and the right amount of coarse and abrasive timbre qualities found in things such as vocals or cello's or basically any stringed instrument or snare or brush drums without that fatiguing harsh, piercing, highs or the upper midrange, you can here the vocals taking her every breath and every exhale and every wisp, and has not as great but close to the resolution of the japanese cult headphone the sony mdr cd900st but again smoother and more natural and sweeter. you can easily depict the oscillation and fluctuation in low end reverberation and sub bass the rings out like the resonance of a bell and it will only stop when the track ends or when your filthy **** ears can't hear it no mo SUN rofl just pulling your guys legs.the low end impact response and sub bass is a lot more noticeable and you can detect the low end extension and how low it can go and overall is very full, complete, natural, and more detailed in the low end vs the just punchiness in the upper bass and less noticeable low end extension and sub bass. the midrange is balanced yet is still inclined at a angle and is very full and unforced sound, and STILL gives you your fix for those intense female vocals EARGASM$%$$& yet those snare drums, cymbals don't pierce your ears, but still remains audible, relaxed and subtle when it needs to be, it can be hyper charged and impulsive when it needs to be and sometimes both and the highs still maintain there lovely resolution, it's almost like crushing rice crispies in your hands yet without the graininess and with the audibility and good detail retrieval. It has a very layered and full sound to it, i feel everything plays at its own terms, rather than choking and burying things in the mix and does not focalize the sound like it used to, and the dynamic and impulses noticeably fluctuate and vibrations are very noticeable and you can here the vibrato of someones oscillating voice. Although this mod compromises your lovely and delightful imaging and sound stage and transparency and instrument seperation a bit given the new level of fullness and vanilla sweet mids and AWESOMENESS EARGASM!!. the compromise is small knowing that there is heavy, NO colossal leverage on this mods side, so you probably won't mind  and since the comfort is so seducting (EARGASM), unless your cutting and editing at the moment, but this mod is intended and implemented for music, and you can ALWAYS  alternate which is a HUGE BIG FAT A++++++ in my book, every time (well not EVERY TIME you know what i mean) i listen to my Akg 271's with the mod applied, i get my musical fill, it fills my empty spaces leaving me wanting more ADDICTION, and feel complete and reborn again night after night. before i forget i will tell you that it is a bit bulky and did not fit the best so what i did is loosened the upper hinges that have the right and left indicator ( you can do this by just pulling or you can get a screw driver and loosen the screw) so the it will be more comfy and so i get the right fit for the best sound and for comfort, ill show you guys in a pic of what i did below





GET THE DENON PADS HERE or go on pack parts.com and search the devon ah d600 pads

>>>http://www.pacparts.com/part.cfmsku=890684106877757V <<<


I COULD NOT FIND THE EXCACT SAME EARPADS FOR THE PIONEER SE-MJ31 SO IF YOU WANT THE SAME SOUND AS ME YOU'LL HAVE TO BUY THE HEADPHONE so get it on ebay it is cheap or amazon, BUT ON EBAY THERE ARE EARPADS FOR IT, BUT ARE NOT THE SAME AND YOU CAN GET THEM ON EBAY AND SEARCH UP PIONEER SE-MJ31 EARPADS OR HERE IS THE ADRESS http://www.ebay.com/itm/Replacement-ear-pads-earpad-for-Pioneer-se-mj21-mj31-mj51-mj71-semj-headphones-/171022648144pt=US_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash=item27d1be8350    NOTICE!!!!



  #2Alright lets get to the second mod,

the second is to just get the se-mj31 pads and put them in with the stock pads with the mesh off

it improves comfort and fitment also it gives you a better bass and mid response but can sound a little cluttered but still is a worth while mod 


 #3the third you do not have to buy anything YAY you just take off the mesh like i mentioned in the first mod and take it off by the sticker,but it compromises a bit of comfort though,and overall increases volume and is a bit more sterile and revealing, and it makes the highs and upper mid range more emphatic and noticeable and overall quite effective and definitely is vital improvement and it cost nothing and you can always alternate


#4the forth is not my own but it is also proven effective and is called the "blue tac mod"  for the k271 mod and this will be a cut and paste and this review is by a hi-fier named "tyson" 


OK, as many may know I've had a pair of AKG K271's for about a month now, after burn in I've been very happy with their overall sound, the frequencey response is very even for a closed headphone, and the dynamics are quite good, and thank god they are not so ridiculously bright like so many other closed headphones. But I've had a number of "small" complaints about their sound, nothing huge, just minor annoyances that would be nice to get rid of, namely the upper/mid bass is a little undefined and the really deep bass tends to come off sounding like midbass (ie the deep bass is not distinct from the midbass). 2nd, the midrange, while forward is a little occluded, not as transparent as I am used to from my Ety's and my HD600's. 3rd, there is a narrow band of brightness at about the 8-10khz range that (besides being slightly irritating) covered up the very high frequencies, causing a loss of ambiance and "space". Lucky for me these all can be fixed with a relatively simple and very cheap tweak.


You will need 3 things to do this tweek - 1. a screwdriver, 2. a packet of BlueTak (the tacky putty used to hang up posters, available at all office supply stores), and 3. three cotton balls.

Step 1:
Remove the pleather earpads from the headphones, you will see 3 screws revealed on the exposed face of each cup.

Step 2:
Remote the screws and pull the cups off - do this VERY gently, the cups are soldered to some very short wires, they will not come off very far. Once you have the cups off and dangling from the wires, you can reach in and pull on the wires, there is a little bit of play in them, and once you pull them out a bit you will have a bit more room to work.

Step 3:
Take the package of BlueTak, and divide it in half. One half is enough to treat one earcup. Take the half and apply it to the interior of the earcup, making sure to keep it at about a 1 millimeter thickness. I found it easiest to pull the bluetak apart in to smaller pieces and apply those pieces one at a time to each part of the earcup in a clockwise pattern.

Step 4:
Take the 3 cotton balls and divide them each in half, giving you 6 pieces total when done pulling them apart. 3 will go in to one earcup, 3 in the other. They are too dense "as-is", so pull them a bit so that they "stretch" a bit, so they are not as dense and they can now cover a wider area. Place the cotton on top of the bluetak (but make sure it doesn't cover any of the screw holes, so you can get the screws in when you go re-attach the drivers).

Step 5:
Re-attach the drivers to the earcups and put the earpads back on. Repeat these steps for the other earcup.

That's it, simple, cheap and pretty easy.


Well, the bluetak and cotton soaks up that 8-10khz brighness so you get less brightness, plus the really high frequencies are now very clearly audible, the sense of space and soundstage are greatly enhanced. The midrange is cleaned up very nicely due to the more solid and less resonance earcups. The upper and midbass are still very good, but the deep bass is significantly better because the cotton "fools" the drivers in to thinking they are in a much bigger chamber than the ear cups actually are, which gives a lower resonant frequency which really gives the low bass some power now.

Overall, this takes the K271's from the realm of "very good" to the realm of "greatness". Not too bad for a $2 tweak 



best regards  tyler  

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hey guys make sure to tell me what you guys think, not to be needy or anything, or if you guys have any questions feel FREE  to ask

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I'm going to give this a try. Just looking for some cotton buds now.

 I'm a noob, just so you know. But, I'm not a bass head. I'm not interested in "extra" bass. But I am interested in improving my K271's. I found a blog about improving the k701's and I was wondering if this mod could be applied to our k271's. It's basically a cable mod but with a neat little extension to the principle.




What do you think, could this benefit our k271's?

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