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For Sale:
Akg K240mkii and V-Moda Crossfade LP (sell or trade)

Will Ship To: ConUS

Hi I have a couple sets of headphones that I am looking to Sell or Trade. Both come with original box

The first pair is my AKG K240mkii with silver Beyer ear pads. They have around 30 hours on them and are in perfect condition. They come with the pleather, velvet and velour earpads, the standard cord with screw on 6.3mm adapter, and if wanted I can include the grey cord in the picture. The grey cord is one that I made but is not currently working. The wires need to be re-soldered at the 3.5mm plug end. It was working but about a week of use the wires came loose.

SoldThe second pair is a V-Moda Crossfade LP. These have around 40 hours on them and are in great condition. The only physical flaw is a scuff on the arm connecting to the earcup. They come with the hard case, 6.3mm adapter, three button cable(black), and one button cable(red/black).

I am open to offers of cash or other headphones. I would throw in some cash if it was needed to make a trade.
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