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Best gaming Displays?

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Currently on the hunt for one, always used cheap LCD displays. I want to take things to the next level, what are you guys using? 

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I'm using a Sony GDM-FW900, the best gaming monitor in existence at the moment...and it's ten years old.


So much for progression in the display industry...all I'm seeing are compromises between gaming-desirable traits (>60 Hz refresh rates, low/no input lag, no native resolutions) and general image quality (high resolutions, excellent color reproduction, viewing angles that don't result in massive color shifts) with current flat-panel displays.

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I would recommend the ones on this list (as far as flat screens).  Right now I have the Benq RL2450HT.  If you can get a CRT and live with a CRT, by all means get a good CRT.



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Thanks guys,


I saw a comparison video of the FW900 vs a Led display, i was surprised how good is it despite being a CRT display. My concern is the space mad.gif i have limited room for a CRT monitor, and need something slim. 

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I use one of these for competitive play. People think I hack. lol.


I was one of the first people to buy these and I can't use any other display after this..


Acer HN274Hbmiid.. This is a true 120hz 3D display. Forget about the 3D. 27 inches of 120 frames a sec is what I am talking about. Lol.

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I've got a BenQ XL2420T. True 120hz and all. If you have a good amount of experience in fps games in particular you will absolutely notice the difference in the higher refresh rate. Best monitor I've ever had. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824014270

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BenQ XL2410T I only post this as a warning it´s quite horrendous if you any image quality demands. It´s quite bad in 2D and absolutely horrible in 3D with major bleeding and tons of ghosting.


120 hz but it´s not like CRT if you would imagine that... my 60 hz plasma is way faster but more input lag of course.

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Don't know about the XL2410T. I wouldn't have thought it would be much different from the XL2420T, but there seems to be a massive disparity between oqvist's and my own experience. Image quality is great for me; as good as any other monitor I've owned, CRT or otherwise. I have never owned any ultra high quality CRT though. I had a Samsung LED tv connected to my computer via hdmi for a while....it had better image quality, but massive input lag. When it comes to games, I worry much more about the responsiveness of my equipment and if I feel like a certain monitor is holding me back, I will kick it to the curb without a second thought (even though the actual graphical quality may be better).
I don't care about 3D in games whatsoever, so I can't talk on that one. 


If you are competitive in games, I would say to definitely consider a BenQ.

If you are prioritizing image quality, then the best "gaming" monitor for you probably won't be considered a gaming monitor at all...lol.

Either way, assuming the unit isn't defective, the graphics of the XL2420T are certainly not horrendous by any stretch of the imagination. I've been PC gaming pretty hardcore for about 15 years, and this is by far my fav display I've owned. I can definitely see how some would prefer something with a bit more eye candy or what-have-you.

As with anything else though, once you start getting into the higher level stuff, the more it will boil down to personal preference.

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I have seen some reports suggesting the XL2420T is actually even worse.


Thing is I have a BenQ G2400W as well and it perform much better. Only 60 hz but it´s not the difference it should be. It´s not like going from 85 hz to 120 hz on a CRT monitor for example :)

But I suppose I am just overall frustrated with LCDs. I have never in my life seen a LCD monitor with so much backlight bleed as on the XL2410T though. I rmad the first but the second wasn´t really better...

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Lightboost monitors offer the best gaming performance today.

But yes, nothing really compares to an FW900 as an overall package, but they are 10 years out of production now, and dying off.
A Lightboost monitor will have a brighter, sharper image, and less motion blur (yes, less motion blur) than an FW900. The contrast, color, uniformity and viewing angles of Lightboost monitors - most LCDs for that matter - is poor though.

The fastest display with good color qualities is probably one of Sony's latest TV models (the W8 in particular) but those are much larger.

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Originally Posted by StudioSound View Post

Lightboost monitors offer the best gaming performance today.
LightBoost, a strobe backlight brings CRT-quality clear motion to 120Hz LCD's.

Standard 60 Hz LCD

Standard 120 Hz LCD : 50% less motion blur

120 Hz LightBoost : ~90% less motion blur

From this article: 60Hz versus 120Hz versus LightBoost.
original post (Transsive)
Then yesterday I, for some reason, disabled the 3d and noticed there was no ghosting to be spotted at all in titan quest. It's like playing on my old CRT.
original post (Inu)
I can confirm this works on BENQ XL2420TX
EDIT: And OMG i can play scout so much better now in TF2, this is borderline cheating.
original post (TerrorHead)
Thanks for this, it really works! Just tried it on my VG278H. Its like a CRT now!
original post (Vega)
Oh my, I just got Skyrim AFK camera spinning (which I used to test LCD's versus the [Sony CRT] FW900) to run without stutters and VSYNC locked to 120. This Benq with Lightboost is just as crystal clear if not clearer than the FW900 motion. I am in awe. More testing tomorrow. Any of my doubts about this Lightboost technology have been vaporized! I've been playing around with this fluid motion on this monitor for like 6-hours straight, that is how impressive it is.
OCN post (Baxter299)
way to go vega enjoyed your review and pics ..thanks for taking the time .got my VG248QE last friday .replacing my fw900 witch is finally taking a rest in my closet .
OCN post (Romir)
Thanks for the timely review Vega.
I went ahead and opened mine and WOW, it really does feel like my FW900. I haven't tried a game yet but it's down right eerie seeing 2d text move without going blurry.
Originally Posted by Cat 
QuakeLive forum post (Cat)
With my Asus VG278HE at 120Hz and Lightboost (the Lightboost registry hack doesn't currently support 144Hz) playing at 1080p I am pretty much brutalizing my competition. Even with its 2-5ms input lag, which is worse than the 1ms of my old 120Hz monitor the difference with Lightboost is so huge the input lag literally becomes a non-issue. The only thing that matters now that I don't experience any motion blur is my true reaction time.

Supported LightBoost Monitors: ASUS VG248QE, BENQ XL2411T, ASUS VG278H, ASUS VG278HE, BENQ XL2420T, BENQ XL2420TX, BENQ XL2720T, Acer HN274HBbmiiid (newer double-B model), AOC g2460Pqu.

For more information about how to enable LightBoost, see the LightBoost HOWTO
Use the ToastyX StrobeLight method there -- easy LightBoost utility -- hotkey to turn on/off LightBoost.
Another great article is TFTCentral: Motion Blur Reduction Backlights (Including LightBoost)

NOTE: When turning on LightBoost, color can worsen. However, some LightBoost monitors have better color.
(e.g. ASUS VG278H LightBoost look far better than ASUS VG248QE LightBoost).
Also you need a good GPU (120fps@120Hz). LightBoost doesn't look good at 60fps@120Hz. Use framerate=Hz.
To calibrate LightBoost color, and optimize games, see LightBoost FAQ.
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Originally Posted by oqvist View Post

I have seen some reports suggesting the XL2420T is actually even worse.

Well then, the XL2410T must be nothing short of heaven :3

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Originally Posted by audioendorphins View Post

Well then, the XL2410T must be nothing short of heaven :3



Would be interesting to try out those light boost monitors the problem is I do have demands regarding image quality too...

But they are not coming cheap like 600$ for a 27" Asus for example :p

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I have a 2410T, and it's perfect (guess I'm lucky), and it's perfect for both PS3 and PC.

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