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I have been tweeting with grado, hopefully they decide to attend. They said they will look into it smily_headphones1.gif

Also, if anyone wants to be bring a usb with Chesky's Binaurul Show for listening on their own rig, tell me. I thinks some of it is awesome, but some is just average, but it's mostly entertaining and it all sounds great
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Please add me to this meet. Looking forward to this especially since I was not able to attend the last one.

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So, regional meets are about meeting other people, meeting vendors, buying/swapping equipment, or none? Whatever it is it sounds like fun!

I can't come, unfortunately, but - in the future, is there any prospect for meets happening on Sunday rather than Saturday?



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I'll add everyone to the list. Looks like there are a few maybes, so I'll list them accordingly. I contacted Grado yesterday and someone responded that they'd pass on the info. I'd love to have them because they haven't been to an area meet in a few years. Let's hope this year will be different. I talked to Beyerdynamic the other day and they won't be able to make it. I'm a little bummed, but word is Pete Carini will most likely be in the hospital expecting a newborn. So congrats to him and his wife!
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Please mark me down as "in" at this point.    I have some new [old/used stock but new to me] additions of  hardware I'll be bringing.  Principal among them an Adcom DV139 universal player (do bring your favorite DVD-Audio or SACD discs) and Perreaux Silhouette SXH1 Headphone Amplifier.  Some other stuff, and I have done a ear cushion mod to my Yamaha Pro500.

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In like Flint! :-D Can't wait

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Someone should hit up Drew Beddard from moon audio, that dude has some awesome gear last time! I loved the Kingsound Electrostats which at the time weren't released yet, same with the Spider Moonlight headphones, pretty neat
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Count me in, I'll bring Fiio X3 and Audeze LCD-2.2, I might also bring Yulong D18 and Schiit Mjolnir
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Sedictor I look forward to that mjolnir, was thinking about purchasing one.
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I will try to attend if possible! I will can volunteer gear if desired once the date gets closer.

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Just found out about the meet.

Please mark me down ,for this meet.


This will be my first meet,and I'd like to offer  to anyone,a ride to the meet,if needed..I can even shoot into the city,if you are coming into Penn station ,from NJ,& or,Westchester county

I can only take 4 people--so..pm me if interested.


I'm located  5 minutes from JFK airport,& will have an empty trunk,which can hold a *hit load of gear-if its well packed




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Right now it look like I may be able to attend. please put me on the list. i will be bringing the WooWA5,LCD2,HD800 and the HE6 plus the Oppo BDP95

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Count me in! I'll be bringing in the Centrance Hifi-M8 and DacPort along with my Ultrasone Edition 8.

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I'm a maybe at this point, but subscribed to the thread.  I encourage all to attend.  NY Meets are great!

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I'm glad to announce that HiFiMan will have a presence at the meet. I know a bunch of you guys were asking so yes they will be there.

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