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Hi everyone, I've reading reviews here for a while and thought I'd drop in to say hello.


Mainly listen to jazz, as well as a range of alt-country/indie/rock (ex: Wilco, Lyle Lovett, Radiohead, the White Stripes, Neil Young). Files are mostly high-bitrate AAC and some ALAC, served up by an iDevice on the go and MacBook Pro at home.


Looking to upgrade from my set of Etymotic ER-6i IEMs, which I'm generally happy with except I find they become uncomfortable after 2+ hours. At the moment I'm leaning towards the ATH-M50 as a good price/value closed set for at work or travel, and considering options for a small DAC and open headphones for working at home (possibly the Sennheiser 598s).


Anyway, "howdy" and I'll see you around the forums!