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Upcoming Beyerdynamic Headphones - Custom One Tesla, Custom One Studio, T51p and amp A20 - Page 13

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follow the temptation and buy 1350 again and report back to us! biggrin.gif

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The dt1350 has been known to have quite of bit of product variation.

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Originally Posted by straleno View Post

I recently bought both the dt1350 and the T51p, 




Maybe it's a "pro monitoring" vs "consumer listening" voicing? I don't know enough to know. I'm tempted to buy another pair of 1350's to see if maybe my first pair was wonky, especially since they're $100 cheaper right now. But I'll probably stick with the T51p.


A few other things to note:

- Build quality is excellent on both, but the 1350 in particular seems indestructible.

- T51p is slightly but noticeably lighter on the head, I think because they lack the hinge mechanisms that allow for one-ear listening on the dt1350.

- Isolation is slightly but noticeably better in the 1350. They clamp tighter, and the ear cushions are a denser, firmer material. T51p isolation is quite good, but I'm tempted to order a pair of dt1350 cushions to see if they improve my listening on the subway. Neither are too far behind my Westone um3x.

- T51p is more comfortable, especially since I wear glasses. The clamp of the 1350 became unbearable for me after about 90 mins. Without my glasses, though, it was fine. 

- The T51p headband has perplexingly sharp edges. Careful!


I'm surprised at how little chatter there is about the T51p, because for their size and price, they're pretty great. 


Curious if anyone else has compared them with the 1350, and what your experience was.


As far as I talked to Beyer representatives that pro vs. consumer is exactly the point: the DT1350 is part of their pro line, targeting DJs and sound technicians. The T51p is the consumer model with a bit warmer, more fun than monitoring oriented sound.


The T51p also lacks the split headband and has dual-entry cabling.


Changing the pads might change the sound signature of the T51p to be more in line with the DT1350 though: the pads are part of the overall voicing. I'd say the better isolation of the DT1350 is more due to the stronger clamping force than the stiffer pads (which, in my experience with two sets of pads) need some time and usage to soften up for a better seal.


Steve Guttenberg wrote a very favorable review at CNET: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57610400-47/straight-out-of-germany-beyerdynamic-t-51-p-headphones/


I'm looking forward to the pair I ordered this week. My first contact with the T51p was in September at a fair in Essen/Germany where I compared them to my DT1350. I liked their softer fit but ultimately preferred the flatter signature of the DT1350. Nevertheless I consider them a nice addition to my collection, laid back sound and really good looking.

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Meanwhile I received my T51p... very happy indeed. Fit is very comfortable for an on-ear, sound is nice, relaxed with good details and lively voices. They were a perfect companion for visiting Musikmesse in Frankfurt, offering good isolation and taking up only a tiny bit of space when worn around the neck.

I'd prefer if they more closely followed the DT1350s sound signature in the bass, though. The T51p has more upper bass which overshadows the deep bass a bit. And I prefer the single-side cable entry of the DT1350. But I've never worn a more comfortable on-ear headphone...

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Nice, I was looking forward to hearing your opinion once you got them. I've been enjoying mine more and more, whether it's because they're burning in or it's just my brain adapting to them. I listened last night to Oliver Nelson's "Blues and the Abstract Truth," and it was fabulous, so clear, rich, and spacious.

As I get to know them, my comments are the same as yours, about the bass, and the cable entry. But for such a small, good-looking and pretty reasonably priced set, those certainly aren't dealbreakers.
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Exactly that: I think they are a really nice, reasonably priced portable set and, especially given their size, do sound very good. Design is always a matter of taste but I happen to like it very much. Now on to a version with iPhone controls ;-)

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These T51P's are simply awesome. There really are no real faults. Superb.
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Originally Posted by AzNyCans View Post

These T51P's are simply awesome. There really are no real faults. Superb.

I'm probably going to sell my DT1350 and pickup the T51p.....

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If only they had single sided cable entry... Nevertheless I enjoy them very much, my first outright comfortable on-ear...

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Originally Posted by plakat View Post

If only they had single sided cable entry...



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Anyone heard any more news on the Custom One Pro Tesla version?

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That one did not pop up again since the initial reference... Last I heard was that its delayed. Maybe due to the many new things coming from Beyer at the moment I guess...

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Anyone know if the Custom Studio has been released?

I found this locally and I'm really considering buying them.



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If you found it in a local store, that would certainly seem to indicate that it is now available. You should buy it and let us know how it sounds! What's the retail cost? I hope they did more than just change the driver and stick different accessories in the box.

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