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Originally Posted by Beagle View Post

IMO the DT1350 had over-controlled bass, very fine-grained and extended treble...and a pinched middle....also had a stiff, unwieldy metal headband that vice-gripped the bejeezus out of the average head....and you had to get the positioning just so or no bottom.


The T51p address and fix all of the shortcomings.....new flexible metal band, soft pads...and they are now just resting comfortably on the ears. Fit is similar to the KEF M500. The bass is present in the right quantity, slightly warm at times (probably recording dependent) midrange is now smooth, and the top has remained it's wonderful self....it all integrates seamlessly....oh, and they threw in lightning fast dynamics. Very rhythmic. That is the big thing I noticed.....the PRAT. I just grooved along to everything. The distinct character of each tune's recording seemed to ring true on the T51p. I think the wonderful treble extension is providing the grain-free timbre accuracy. The drivers must be perfectly matched because the imaging is perfectly focused and aligned. Yeah I like these :smile:


Thanks for the report Beagle.  How is the soundstage?

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And how does it compare to B&W P7, which you also like?

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Originally Posted by runswithaliens View Post


Thanks for the report Beagle.  How is the soundstage?




Originally Posted by abchead View Post

And how does it compare to B&W P7, which you also like?


It's much smaller




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"fine" thats very descriptive biggrin.gif
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Well, I guess you can't expect open-like headphone sound in a small portable on-ear HP. I would imagine they'd be fairly similar to Dt1350 soundstage maybe a tad better if they've managed to squeeze something special out of the new housing/pad design? (looks pretty similar though)

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I should have expounded more......the soundstage on the T51p fits in proper proportion to the size of the image that a headphone of it's size and type makes.


The P7 is larger in image and soundstage because it is a larger phone, and the drivers sit a bit away from the ear. The physical size and appearance of a headphone (and type of pads) can usually tell you a lot about what size of image and soundstage it will provide. Think TV screens.....all hi-def but different sizes.

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Hi. I've been looking everywhere for reviews for the new T51p and couldn't find much out there. So got them anyway and thought I'd share my thoughts. I have with me the T51p, B&W P3, Momentum on ear and Momentum over ear. First, I am going to discount the P3. It just didn't compete with the others with what I perceived to be veiled vocals and poor separation. I also didn't like the Momentum on ear's too much and didn't find them too comfortable. Sound stage wasn't as good as the over ear's and they were a little too bassey.

The Momentum Over Ear's and T51p's I thought were both very very good and also very similar. Both had in my opinion a very balanced sound. I did however think the T51p's had very slightly better Base and PRAT and very slightly recessed vocals but I mean very slightly compared to the Momentum's. Putting the volume up a little seemed to solve my perception of this. I also found the soundstage on the T51p's very good but not quite as good as the Momentum's. Perhaps I have bigger ears than average but the positioning of the Momentum's really affected the Base. I had to have them sitting on the edges of the back of my ears for them to sound good otherwise the base impact was lost. The T51p's were in my opinion not fussy with placement and were really comfortable too. They didn't hurt my ears and didn't clamp too hard at all. If anything maybe not enough but it didn't cause me concern because I wouldn't be running in them!

The inline controls are useful on the Momentum's and the cable coming out from one side meant that the cable stayed tidy. I found the T51p cable a little annoying. It seemed to tangle itself up a little and twist easily when wearing them.

At this point I'm not sure if I'm keeping the Momentum's or T51p's. I would say that if the Momentum's fit you will and the base impact is good for you, they are the better buy and look better too. For me though, the fitting issue is cause for concern and I really like the rhythmic qualities of the T51p's. Will see.

Sorry for the long review. First review I've ever written on anything! Hope it's helpful though.
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Just unboxed these.  enjoying them right now with my Apogee ONE for iPad & Mac.


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First impressions Mike? How do they compare to the Momentum On-Ear?

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Are they the same size as the dt1350 ?
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Exactly the same size, but T51p has a two-sided cable and the headband does not spread open like on the 1350.

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Originally Posted by Maxx134 View Post

Are they the same size as the dt1350 ?


the size is exactly the same. The pads is thicker and softer on t51p, also, the clamping force is lesser on t51p, meaning t51p is a lot comfy than DT1350. The signature based i think is similar. But t51p is warmer, the highs is more tame just a bit, the mids is thicker and i feel like is a tad more laidback than DT1350 (maybe coz it has more impact & qty on the bass region), and the bass...i think many people will love this part. The bass is nothing like over-bloated or something, but it has the impact and i think it has more quantity than DT1350 - but still in good controlled..very good for jazz listening as well...and when i played something like dubstep or alike..wow..is hard to believe this tiny cup can actually rattle my ears, but it does. I think many people will love this cans. No more too analytic sounding like DT1350..they just play smooth and clean with nice warmth to it...



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Those T51p's look great. Is the low bass extension as good as it is on the 1350?

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I just ordered a pair of T51p's from the Beyer website. Can't wait to see how they compare to my Amperior's. 

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Originally Posted by devhen View Post

Those T51p's look great. Is the low bass extension as good as it is on the 1350?

For the bass - T51p extend better + more quantity of it and also warmer. But still in the sense of a good clean bass, this what i like most about it, and i believe many people will like this as well. The highs on DT1350 extend better, is a bit more crisp compared to T51p (but to me 1350s are not a bright cans) and this make DT1350 sounds a bit more accurate in note than t51p, but t51p is not bad at all in this respect. What makes them different though, is the mids. The t51p is mellower, somewhat thicker sounded, well bodied, lusher, and for jazz song, i started to like this more than dt1350. Also, for songs that require more bass, this t51p also serve very well, the impact and the punch-feel is better than dt1350, and i think t51p is very nice for this kind of genres as well. 

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