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Main page with demo download links, Kickstarter campaign


You all seriously have to play the demo (Windows and OS X versions available), especially if you like JRPGs. Don't read any guides or anyone else's impressions first, just go into it blind and play it a few times over. It's best experienced that way.


I haven't felt this impressed by an indie game since Cave Story, and that's saying something given how good Cave Story already is. Going by the Kickstarter page, I'm far from the only one to have made that comparison, even with the disparity in genres (JRPG-esque vs. Metroidvania).


Spoiler for why I recommend multiple playthroughs (Click to show)

Flowey remembers what you did and won't be fooled if you play it again to try and correct a past mistake this time, so to speak...


Oh, and since this is Head-Fi, I might as well mention that the music's good if you like chiptune stuff. Not really surprising when the main developer's also the guy responsible for a certain popular webcomic's soundtrack...