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Three piece speaker/monitor setup

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Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong section.


Anyway, can anyone recommend me a three piece speaker setup (with sub woofer)? My budget is around £700-800. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Personally using ADAM A7X in a 2.0 set-up and find it awesome.  Thats the top end of your budget and a sub would be way over the mark.  Also may want to look into KRK RP6 or RP8 which would probably allow you to get a sub within budget if you shop around.  They also sound a little more musical rather than completely flat for music production.  Your budget is pretty good so you can certainly shop around, so I would try to find somewhere where you can audition before buying.  

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ADAM A5X and ADAM Sub7 Pro. £800 from Scan UK. Bit cheaper if you shop around.


At the lower end of your budget try the AX3 instead of the A5X. 


Or get A7X now and add a Sub7 or Sub8 if you need it when you have more money.

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You can't go wrong with Adam A7X. Great value!
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