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Strange issue with FiiO E9K/E17 combo

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I'm having a weird issue happening, and I'm hoping that someone else may have a solution.


I recently purchased a FiiO E9K and E17 for my desktop (well, the E17 is also for portable use) and I really like them.  Strangely, though, every now and then all I will hear coming from my headphones is a static hiss after I press play on my music (or sometimes even a system noise).


Stopping and restarting the music (not pause, stop) cures the issue, but it's still a jarring surprise every time it happens when I'm wearing the headphones.


This happens in all sounds, and the source does not seem to matter.  I can't replicate the issue on command, but it seems like it happens is there are too many sounds playing at once, or something.


The USB cable from the E9K is plugged into a powered USB hub (which may be my problem right there) because it wasn't quite long enough to reach my tower and be in the location I wanted it to be.


Does anyone know if the hub is the cause?  I will move things around a bit and see if I can get it plugged into my PC.  I originally got the hub because it seemed like one or more of the USB ports on my motherboard was being flakey.  Currently only my keyboard and mouse are plugged into it.

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It may be EMI from a nearby device.  I get this a ton with the Bithead as it is not shielded from EMI.


Try further separating each component such as moving your phone / iPod further away from the FiiO.

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Wouldn't that just cause a background hiss?


This is only the static hiss, I can't hear the music at all; and it will continue to play for the duration of the sound (if it's a Windows notification sound) or until I push stop (not pause, it will come back if I just pause the music when I push play again) on my music player (J.River Media Jukebox (the free one) or iTunes, doesn't matter which).

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No, EMI can sound like all sorts of things...take the noise from a PC's motherboard ( clocks ) for example.  Reducing EMI to just a hiss is a tad simplistic.


As a second response to your problem I believe FiiO has responded to multiple posts about this type of delay.  You may try keeping a digital signal running to the device to remove the delay, but as far as I know it is part of the design.

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I wouldn't think EMI would behave like this, but I guess it could be.


EMI doesn't explain why it stops when I stop and restart the music with no other changes.


I'm thinking it may be the hub, actually.  I found out Monday (and again yesterday) that I couldn't jailbreak or tethered boot my old 3GS through it.  I kept getting an Exploit Failed error, but when I plugged the USB directly into my tower it worked perfectly, first time.

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See the second part of my last post.

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Not sure how to do that, but I will look into it.

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