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Need a headphone, for ~100 bucks

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I've been using the Sony XB300 for more than two years now, but now I am interested in buying a new headphone, which will have much better seal and isolation and as much low leakage as possible. When I press and hold the XB300 tight to my ears I hear sounds which I normally don't, that irritates me.

I've searched a bit, and found some in my budget, like JVC S500, Sony V55 and some other like XB500 (which is 99 bucks though). I liked the ATH M50 too, but it's over my budget with the current dollar rate. It'll be used with my desktop (with a Xonar DGX card), mainly for music, movies and games. So what I need is,

- A very tight seal, lowest possible leakage.

- Gotta be super comfortable, as it'll be used for prolonged gaming sessions. Big cushions will be preferred.

- Bass, Bass and Bass. Deep and punchy bass, which will give me a feeling existence, which is not only limited to ears.

-  Clear and detailed sound, with above average SS. Bass is the priority here once again.

-  Within 100 bucks.


I see that the V55 has good reviews, but I also see that it isn't that comfortable and also isolation isn't that good! I like the XB500, but I know that it'll compromise the highs for bass. And the S500 is there, don't know how it is.

Suggestions are greatly welcome.


Thanks in advance.

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I would recommend JVC HA-RX700. Big cushions, pretty good isolation and very nice sound quality for a rather bass heavy can. Creative Aurvana live is a better headphone but it's smaller and doesn't isolate as well as JVC. I would stay away from sony xb500. It doesn't isolate that well and nowadays it is too expensive. I would never pay $99 for it. For that price you could try digitech pro monitors from jaycar (aka fischer audio fa-003/brainwavz hm5). If shipping cost doesn't get too high. It is priced $99 at some jaycar.com.au but only 27£ at jaycar.co.uk.  It's not that bass heavy but you could eq it. Isolation,comfort and overall sound quality is superb. It's allmost like wearing ear mufflers. JVC s500 you mentioned might be a good bet too. But I've never listened to those myself. Also numark red wave and panasonic rp-htf600 come to mind but I can't vouch for those either without hearing those myself.


EDIT: Also look into superlux headphones. See if they have a closed headphone with similar sound to hd681.

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Thanks. However some reviews say that the RX 700 lacks bass!

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It has plenty of bass but it is not bassheads only headphone so in a way I understand if some people feel like it lacks bass. Compared to headphones such as xb500/xb700 it is definately less bassy. I don't think you would have to worry though. Atleast if you want something more then just bass only. Jvc has experience with bass heavy headphones such as ha-sz2000/1000 and ha-dx1000.

If you want to play safe increase your budget a bit. In 150 price range there are headphones such as ultrasone hfi580 that have gotten great reviews. Or keep looking around if you can find xb500 cheap somewhere. It can be eq'd to sound decent and if you can live with some sound leakage and average clamp it's what you are looking for. Comfort on those is awesome, most comfortable headphones I've ever worn.

There also is yet another option: If you have a bit of diy spirit in you buying a koss porta pro and inserting it into other headphones housing is also an option. I've done it...really easy actually. I just removed the driver from some vintage headphone and glued the portapros where the old driver was. :) Now my koss have a great seal and comfort and I feel it didn't damage the soundquality at all. I know it sounds  weird but atleast you would get really personalised headphones :D Hope you find what you're looking for!

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Thanks. Yeah, wanna play safe, and don't wanna try and waste my money again, like I did on SE215.

Anyway, I can't find the XB500 at cheap anywhere, the lowest I can see is 99 bucks, from this eBay seller, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Sony-MDR-XB500-Powerful-bass-Blast-Black-Headphones-NEW-/180828577059?pt=US_Headphones&hash=item2a1a391d23 and another here, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-MDR-XB500-40mm-XB-Diaphragm-Driver-Extra-Bass-Headphones-MDRXB500-/321113056978?pt=US_Headphones&hash=item4ac3d466d2


I don't know, lets see if I mind tells me to buy it for 100 bucks or not, otherwise I am liking the CAL. Maybe I will buy it instead. But I am pretty much sure nothing could provide the Bass like Sony XB series, at least none in my budget.

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M-Audio Q40's. These headphones should cost $250+ when it comes to sound quality. Only $100 on the M-Audio website. Total bass cannons.

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