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Decent amp for Grado Rs1i's

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Hi Guys and Gals


I am looking for advice from Grado rs1i owners on what amp to pair them with, I am leaning towards tubes at this stage as I like the sound but don't want to spend silly money as I already have a bad 2 channel habit.


So in short, what are you grado rs1i's using with great effect?


all feedback, war stories and advice welcome.



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Grab a Little dot Mk.III. Little bugger goes great with my 325is, and with all other Grados, from what I'm told.

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I've heard that Little Dot I+ is the best one of the little dot amps for Grados actually. Most power for low impedance headphones. Mk.III has less power for that impedance, but it also works as a preamp.


I'm using the Graham Slee Novo myself. Great synergy with Grados, though the lack of low frequency extension makes it a little bit iffy for bassier headphones.


Also, I think this might belong to desktop headphone amps or help & recommendations subforum. :p

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So many threads on this already... if you want to spend more money, the MAD Ear+ HD is supposed to be amazing, but I've always  been pretty stoked with my Little Dot 1+ w/ RS1i... you can get some really spectacular results from that little amp with the right tubes/opamps.

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There's a cmoy tin version of the Grado RA1 for less than $50 and it sounds killer with the RS1. Check Etsy.
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