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Originally Posted by MrEleventy View Post

In the picture I posted, there's two bead looking things on the left and right of the wires, those are diodes. They're unimportant.

That's what I was thinking they were.


The wiring and jacks should be coming in within the next hour or two, but the earliest I can probably work on the headphones is later today.

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I went ahead and made the cable today but I'm going to have to wait on doing the jack for the headphones later, as the one I ordered was a little too big
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Mine was a little big as well, but I filed/drilled out the cable entry hole to make it fit. Which jack did you order?
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Neutrik NYS 230. It's 1/4' instead of 1/8', so the cable I made wouldn't fit. It was also larger than that side section of the cup too >.>.

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I used these:

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

It was still a little too big, but works.
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What are the approximate dimensions? I was eyeing these (http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=090-317) but the one you showed looks a little more compact.

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The wood I'm planning on eventually using for the wooden cups came in today.







Here is a picture of the cable I made the other day. Waiting for a new jack to come in before I mess with detachable cables on my headphones.


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^^ That is incredibly exciting, please keep us updated.
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Originally Posted by jensy View Post

.."Posts"? Could you please elaborate (should I be scared)?

Check this thread for some details on the hazards that I ran into:




It sucked, but I was able to fix it with help from TrollDragon.

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What color/pattern is that wood?  Looks really good.

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Tamarind Burl. It wasn't cheap...

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I have a set of LEMO connectors that are perfect for a detachable mod.
i was going to use them myself but they were a tiny bit too big for my D2000 although they should be no problem for a pair of DT770s. Dimensions on the female jack are 20mm length by 8.35mm diameter. The section that protrudes the headphones is 1mm tall and 9mm diameter.
You would have to do a split mod though as these connectors only have 2 pins.
Shoot me a Pm if interested.
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Sorry for the lack of an update. With last weekend being 4th of July weekend and all that I didn't really have all the time I thought I would. The current plan is for me to do the detachable cable mod this next weekend. Supposedly my uncle has tools so I'll have to get in touch with him regarding shaping the wood.

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