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What premium audio/electronics brand do you most want to see in a store?

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So, as some of you know, AC Gears is a premium electronics/lifestlye store in New York City, and we are launching HiFiMAN this Thursday (make sure you RSVP to the event to meet Dr. Fang Bian personally at the store!) in NYC.  We are always looking out for premium products that people really want to try in person.  So what brands are you dying to put your hands on in a store??


Let your voice be heard and soon you can walk into a store to try it (at AC Gears!).  Thanks guys/girls.



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Audio-Technicas. (no, not the M50s)


Full-sized AT's are some of the most unique and aesthetically appealing headphones around. W3000ANV, W5000, A1000X, A2000X, the open air AD1000X, AD2000X, and of course their earsuit models ESW9/ES10/ESW11s.


Unfortunately you can't find any of them in stores.


Btw I'll make sure to come visit your NYC store sometime this week. biggrin.gif I live 30 minutes away.

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Viralcow, thanks for the suggestions.  I think we can work on this!  We already have some Audio-Technica products in-store (though more on the low end).  If you are close by please come tomorrow we are having a HiFiMAN meet where you get to test out most of the HiFiMAN products including the HM-901! Plus there's free beer!

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How about selling  Vsonic, Soundmagic, Brainwavz, Fischer Audio, Maximo, Crossroads, and Meelectronics? I guess some would like Audiofly.


It would be nice if you would have the whole line of JVC headphones and earphones. I am surprised that you chose to sell Grados, as they are sold in so many places.

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Headphone amps. Everywhere I go in New York I never run into any headphone amps where audio gear is sold. Looking forward to seeing the HiFiMAN selection which I have been eyeing online the past few months. Congratulations on your expansion and thanks for letting us know of your mighty majestic presence :D

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Hi JK1,


Thanks for the information.  We will certainly look into it.  We want to carry a good range and Grado is certainly both a classic and also a great brand.  

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Yes, headphone amps would be a very nice addition. I'm sure some tube amps such as the Little Dots would grab some attention in-store. Would love to see some high-end DAPs as well, since that's the only thing on my "to buy" list at the moment. Oh, and chairs or benches! I've been to AC gears twice, the first time I was there for about 2 hours playing around with headphones and talking to Tom xD. Was fun, but rather tiring.

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I was going to delete Crossroads from the list and add Sunrise and Xears. My favorite headphone brand now is JVC though. They seem to be the value leader, especially with headphones like the HAS400 and HAS500 which are very impressive and very inexpensive. Many can make a good $500 headphone. Very few can make a great headphone that is under $50.

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Great to know gunner100!  Our store is not very big so I am not sure if we have space for bench/chairs.  Maybe when we have a bigger store!  Need support from you guys!  We can certainly look into JVC products but for big brands like that usually the terms is not so favorable so we will see what we can do to get the things our customers want!  

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One interesting headphone related niche seems to be underserved, especially for those who don't want to order from a Chinese company on Ebay and wait a month for delivery. I am talking about velour and other alternative earpads for headphones. For certain headphones like the Sony V6(7506) they are easy to find, but for many other headphones it isn't easy, and it isn't easy to know which  velour earpads meant for other models might fit a given headphone.


The same  goes for tips for IEMs. It seems odd that retail stores don't sell these, except perhaps the Sony ones.

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