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Listened for first time monsters headphone, not that bad.

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there was the three headphone (beats pro, beats studio, beats solo)  demoed in some virgin (mega ?) store . There was a kind of stand, with a built in player , and it was for me the opportunity to try them for the first time ( in Morocco , there's not too much store of that kind).


1) I  tried first the beats solo.


There was was two pair of beats solo demoed :

- one looked intact, but the right driver was silent

- so I  tried the other pair, that looked broken & scotched : well at least there's the sound in both side.

This gives at least an idea of built quality: the beats solo are easy to break.


Now regarding the sound :

the demo was enjoyable, too  enjoyable compared to what everyone was saying.

However it was obvious too, that a nice amount of dsp was applied to give the best impression.

How could these tiny cups deliver such big soundstage, without a minimum of sound processing to trick the  listener ?

Probably some heavily tweaked stereo reverb , or effects like srs labs wow.

The treble presented zero texture , and  for the kind of music played it was pleasant.

I  think some low pass filter was applied, because otherwise it was "too clean", and I'd say the highs "were washed".

Probably those who made the demo thought : "we don't want you to hear the top treble of the beats solo" ( unless it's naturally recessed).

Regarding the bass, I  didn't notice any impact, but it wasn't bloated. I didn't notice any sub bass.

There was a pleasing warm signature , except that when I  trying the different genre presented (rock, jazz, hip hop, rnb ) with different buttons,

I  didn't even realize I  was listening to different stuff. And the snippet of music presented were a bit short (unless there was a problem with the player of the stand).


2) then I  tried the beats studio;

Built quality is frail, but obviously they resisted more than the beat solo .


Regarding sound, there wasn't too striking different with the beats solo (at least for the demo).

The "warm", pleasant, presentation of solo is gone (from what I  remind).

I  can hear some treble texture, but the treble details presented are not very interesting, for that kind of music.

I  guess some low pass was still applied.

A bit of some "bass echo", rather than impact I'd say.

Almost same soundstage, how could it be possible without a decent amount of dsp trickery ?

I  didn't pay attention to the noise cancellation stuff, I  believe it was off.


3) then I  tried the beats pro:

I  liked the built quality, and the comfort was ok for the period of time I tried them.

Probably I  need to try them more than 5 min to get an idea of how they could be uncomfortable,

but they gave a positive impression. I think the headphone  provided the best isolation, because I couldn't hear what the guy near me, was saying.


Sound :

haha, same soundstage.

More treble texture than with beats studio.

The treble details presented were completely uninteresting for the kind of music played, but I  can guess that with a proper demo, the beats studio would be able of more refinement.

They just contributed here to give the feeling of a less clean sound.

With that demo, I  was more in the mood  : "give me back that low pass  filter, I'd liked that over cleaned sound from the beats solo" biggrin.gif.

I  think there was some bass impact, although I  didn't listen enough.

However, there was more delay in the "bass echo".

I  think it's how the monster brand provide the illusion of more bass :

it's bouncing on the cup, and with deeper cup and bigger delay, you have the illusion of mooore bass.

Unless it's dsp again ?

So technically I  guess it was inaccurate, but I'd lie if I say it was not enjoyable.

I  guess you need  long listening sessions to realize the artificiality of the bass.


So overall I got a pleasant impression of  monster headphones, although I guess I would need to try them outside the store , to get a more accurate idea.

It was as if,  all of them , were  better than my  hd25 II 1;  but the flaws were masked with different kind of dsp trickery.

It only provide proof, that with the right amount of "mastering/dsp", and selected music snippets, any headphone can sound good.

The built quality of the beats pro was convincing, I'd take them if they weren't too expensive, and over-hyped (after conversion to $, they cost roughly 560$ , in that Moroccan store).

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Sorry, my impressions of both the Solo's and Studio's were a mess.

Could it be that they're tweaking the sound a little bit to be less muddy?


Btw, the Studio's always have NC on.

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Originally Posted by viralcow View Post



Could it be that they're tweaking the sound a little bit to be less muddy?


Probably the selected music & dsp processing. The solo sounded artificially "cleaned", with no transients regarding top treble.

There was no way I could hate the demo, it just was limited and not enough varying.

I'm sure that the average user trying that demo, would find it convincing.

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In Latvia Beats Pro also cost ~$550

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