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Got my new WA2 today!!! Makes the LD2++ seem like a toy. Lol.

How do I get the photos from my iPad to this forum ? Lol.
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What headphones are you rocking with your Wa2? 


Tapatalk app have the option to upload pictures btw. 

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I amusing the hd650's and 598's. the amp is really amazing and I am loving it so far. Also I have to add that JAck Wu is great to deal with. I originally went with the little dot because David is great to work with as we'll. Customer service goes a long way for me.

The LD2++ Served me well for a very long time but I was getting the itch to upgrade and had the funds so I went for it. One thing I do know is that I will most likely not upgrade again because I can see that there is a point of diminished returns. I find it hard to believe that spending more money again will give me much more then this amp offers.

Also I am thinking about some new cans as well, never tried Beyers so I think I might look into a pair.

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At first I thought Woo Audio was releasing a new amp... you disappoint me! Grats though.

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Wow what a dramatic title! Have fun though. Woo makes nice amps.
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I've had mine for a couple of years now - each time I use it I love it even more!

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The WA7 is aesthetically pleasing. 

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