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Hi All


I have been lurking in the background and observing this forum for some time. First of all i would like to thanks to all great people here for so much advice and knowledge they are willing to pass onto others. Please be patient with my future posts as my english struggles sometimes (not native speaker).

Anyway to comply with forum rules i though it would be nice to introduce myself at least with few words.

Audiophile wannabe :D with little to zero knowledge, living in south of England for few years now, originally from Slovakia. Thanks to my not so stressless job im always happy when i get home and can enjoy my biggest hobby which is listening to my favorite music. Recently looking for some new headphones which is one of the reasons i have joined this great site.

Dont know what more to add at this moment as im half asleep :) after another psychotic day at work.


Thanks all looking forward to more time spent here



                                            Have a great evening with whatever you are listening to right now ;)

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