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For the longest time I've been using a pair of Sennheiser HD540 Ref IIs as my primary pair of headphones.  They're substantially better than many, but a few things about them lead me to believe there are better things out there.  A lack of good bass extension, somewhat muddled/dark mids, and a downright painful case of sibilance cause them to be quickly fatiguing to my ears; even though they do handle vocals incredibly well.  (As an aside, a glance at the measured frequency response over here happens to confirm most of these observations, particularly the lack of bass extension and that huge 10k-15k bump that's most likely causing the sibilance issues).


As a result, I'm strongly considering purchasing a new pair that will hopefully be a substantial upgrade from these.  I'm not interested in spending any more than $700 at the very most, and have no problem buying used.  I'm more than likely going to be running any pair I buy from the headphone jack of my harman-kardon avr85, which I imagine should have more than enough power to handle anything I get.  The genres I'll primarily be listening to will be classical and metal, if that makes a difference.  Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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