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Hello from Seattle!

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I figured I'd introduce myself. My name is Tom and I'm an electrical engineer designing precision timing ICs by day and vacuum tube audio circuits by night. I mostly design tube-based power amps for driving speakers, but recently helped a Head-Fi forum member use one of my circuits (Damn Good 300B Amp) as a headphone amplifier, so I figured a membership of Head-Fi was in order... :)






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Hi Tom. Welcome to head-fi, sorry for your wallet(that's the typical saying). Well, interesting site you got there. You could probably get a "Member of Trade" status or something for your account.

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Thanks! Yeah, I've managed to stay reasonable in the headphones space. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 580 that I use at work and a pair of HD 650 at home. I do most of my listening through speakers...


I would consider myself a hobbyist-turned-business-owner rather than a merchant, though. It turns out circuit boards for DIY vacuum tube amplifiers is a rather niche market... Who would have thought? :) 



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