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Anyone using android app for playing music?

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Hi All,


After using the trial version, I would like to pay for the Poweramp http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxmpz.audioplayer&hl=zh_TW


it has many features i love, auto download album art (with 24bit high quality option), lyrics. Can play flac, aiff.


However, for me, the most important thing is the sound quality, my friends told me there are no difference in terms of sound quality for various android music apps. Anyone know is that true and has tried any other music player to recommend me? Many many thanks.




(I own a Shure 535 special ed. )

(p.s. they just release the latest version http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3189-poweramp-209-build-529-updated-12-may-2013/ )

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I have and ipod 4th gen and an Android Razr M. I personally think my music sounds awful when playing it on my Android. But if you want to download free music at good quality I recommend this Youtube video converter check it out its awesome you can change the kbps and put to high quality and change the format of the song. Hope I helped (:


Video Converter:



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Also, I have this app called Music Mp3 Download and its pretty good. Depending on the source sometimes it downloads the Album Cover. But, I am unsure of its audio quality as its been ages since I heard music that I downloaded from there.

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thanks for the suggestions, i don't mind paying for the music app, just i want to know are there any difference in sound quality.


if there aren't, i will pay for the Poweramp which i found the features suit my need. especially the 24bit high quality album art download (i know i m silly, i love the big album art show on my galaxy note 2 XD )

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I know I love album cover too. Its gives you this nice feeling when you look at your music xD. I dont think you will notice the sound quality difference well maybe you will (x. But in any case if just get power amp. Yeah I usually find that paid music apps have better sound quality files than the free ones.

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I've heard people say that Neutron has better SQ than PowerAmp. You might look into it. I have both on my Note 2. I'm not so sure that it actually sounds better, but Neutron does have PEQ instead of graphical EQ, which is a more powerful feature if you know how to use it and need EQ. However, the user interface on PowerAmp is more user friendly to me.

If you know how to root your phone and need extra headphone amp power, there is a mod to change the config file in Android to give it more output. I went with the least bump, and it was noticeable with some of my less sensitive headphones: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1931970&nocache=1
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I've heard Neutron produces cleaner output. So I tried the Neutron with 64-bit processing, audiophile resampling, dithering like many suggested. Both Neutron and Poweramp have eq off, instead use Noozxoide to eq. A/B'ed them but cant tell much difference at all between Neutron and Poweramp.

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wow, thanks for the advice, let me check this out

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If you are fairly techie, I believe that there is an alternative Android kernel that has improvements to the Wolfson DAC optimization on the Note 2 that will also improve the SQ. You have to know what you are doing or you can brick your phone. I think someone might have mentioned it in the head-fi Note 2 thread (not sure): http://www.head-fi.org/t/625054/samsung-galaxy-note-2 Either that, or I read about it on XDA.
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