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I'd like your expert thoughts on using the Shure 535 IEMs for gaming. Specifically for positional accuracy playing FPS games.


Recently I went on a bit of a mission to get a great audio setup for positional accuracy when playing my favourite game Battlefield 3 (PS3). I ended up getting the AD700s and Astro Mixamp combo. It's a great setup and I highly recommend it. I also have a pair of Shure 535s and use them a lot for listening to music and what not. I did try the SE535s with the Mixamp before I bought the AD700s and the sound was too harsh at the time. Since then I've learned the importance of having a good seal with IEMs so I ditched the yellow foam tips I was using for a year and now use the medium size black foam tips that Shure supplied with them. This has enhanced my music listening experience tremendously.


Although I'm thoroughly happy with the AD700s for gaming, I'm still interested in taking my audio setup to the next level to give me further advantage and enjoyment on the battlefield. I tried the SE535s out again today, with the Mixamp and was surprised at how good the sound was. I think they may actually be better than the AD700s. What are your thoughts on this guys? 


Just to mention a few of the exact kinds of in-game sounds I am talking about.

Exact direction fighting is coming from,

Direction and distance of footsteps or shuffling sounds even while gunfire or explosions are going on,

Immediately being able to tell the position of any air vehicle overhead almost anywhere on map

The direction and distance of a silenced gun being fired quiet far away, up to about 40-100m

Reloads and voices up to about 10-30m away 

Approaching footsteps of enemy about to knife you in the back while you are firing your gun at someone else.

Hearing exact locations of multiple enemies in close proximity and which one is closest to you.

Someone spawning nearby

When behind a wall say and an enemy is coming from the front but either from the left or right side, being certain about which side he's coming from

There's many more discrete sounds that I may not have mentioned.


As you see from this list it is very hard for any headset to be good enough. The AD700s are very good but are the SE535s better?