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HRT microStreamer, Vista Home Basic problem

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There are many reviews on the web of the HRT microStreamer.  I bought one but Vista Home Basic does not recognize it.  Vista cannot find a driver for it.  Their website's Support page does not have a driver for it.

Has anyone installed a driver on Vista Home Basic for the relatively new microStreamer?

Although I'm a newbie, I already did a web search and a search on these forums for an answer to my problem.

Jim L'Hommedieu

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I eventually solved the problem, with help from HRT's Kevin Halverson.  It was worth the effort.  The microStreamer sounds better than my PC's sound card.


When I plugged in the microStreamer's USB cable, Vista attempted to load a driver for it.  It failed to find a driver on my computer; it tried to find a driver at "Windows Update" and failed again.  I tried this 4 or 5 times and it kept failing.


I found an email address for support at HRT's website; Kevin answered my email within 5 hours, even though it was a weekend.  He said that every installation of Vista supports the USB Audio Class 1.0 standard, straight out of the box.  He recommended that I get out my official install discs.  My copy of Vista is legal, but I bought it with a name brand PC, so I have RE-install discs.  I plugged in the microStreamer again, and when Vista failed again, it prompted me to insert a disc, so I tried the Vista RE-install disc.  It failed.  I repeated all this again, and pointed it at the PC manufacturer's disc of drivers. It failed again.


I did some research which revealed that Windows Vista Home Basic stores drivers in this folder:

Further research said that Vista's support for the USB Audio Class 1.0 standard is provided by a physical file called Usbaudio.sys.  Since my folder was lacking that file, I eventually found and downloaded it from www.sysfiles-download.com to my Downloads folder.

I was not able to copy/paste the file into the correct FileRepository folder.

I told Windows to Search for new hardware.  It eventually said it could not find a driver and gave me the option of Browsing.  I Browsed to the Downloads folder, but the wizard quickly reported that it could not find a useful driver for the device in that folder.

Before giving up for the night, I unplugged the provided USB cable and plugged it back in.  Inexplicably, Vista understood the microStreamer immediately.


I am enjoying the HRT microStreamer.  Thanks, Kevin!


Jim Lamadoo

Columbus, Ohio, USA

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