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Shure SE215

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Hello audiophiles, is the shure SE215 good according to the treble,mid,bass and the noise isolating thing? please help me because i don't know anything about this headphones.

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It is one of the best bang for the bug. I has a transparent gigh resolution sound with one of the strongest bass responses of multi ba inears.
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It has a strong bass response which helps mask outside noise. Isolation is excellent. The midrange is excellent so voices sound good and the headphone doesn't sound dull even though the higher frequencies are a little weak. The overall sound is pleasing and easy to listen for a long time. Comfort is also very good.

The reply above by cucera mentions "multi ba". This means multiple balanced aramture drivers. This is a mistake. The Shure has a single dynamic driver in each earpiece.

You can read a a good description and test of the Shure SE215 at http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/shure-ear-series-se215-se315-se425-and-se535-page-2 There are technical measurements but also plain English description of how it sounds and fits.
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I'm not an audiophile, but I own it, unfortunately.

Mids are detailed, isolation is really good when you get a good seal, but bass? No. If you're used with heavy and deep bass then it's not the one for you. Honestly in past 5 years the IEMs I've owned, this is the one with the least bass! You'll hear it though, but that's all, you'll just hear it.

I regret my decision of buying it, but I'm a bass heavy listener, keep in mind that.

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Measured frequency repsonse:

That is a hugely exaggerated bass response. It matches my experience in that the SE215 have the strongest bass response of any headphone I've owned with the exception of some really awful cheap "mega bass" type phones which gave a similarly dull effect as having severe nasal congestion or an ear infection. I think if anyone finds a headphone like this to lack bass then one must suspect that they haven't been able to achieve a good fit (it's not guaranteed to be possible for everyone and there is no criticism made or implied).
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Technicality and practicality are two different things my friend. I purchased SE215, on the basis of those technical stuffs, but .. never mind.

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