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Unknown Beyerdynamic "Studio" Headphones, can anyone identify these?

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at first, i'd like to introduce myself. My real Name is Tobias and i'm from Germany. I'm into Audio for several years now, but i never owned Headphones, so i recently bought some old Beyerdynamics, just to try them, and for mobile Audio.


And now for my Problem:

Since they don't have any model number printed on them, and Googling "Beyerdynamic Studio Headphones"  doesn't realy deliver the desired results ;) , i can't find any specs or other Data.


Here are some Pictures of the Headphones:







They come with a DIN-Plug and a very long cable, the impedance is 600Ohms. When i dismantled them in order to attach a new cable with a 3.5mm-Jack (i didn't want to destroy original cable) i discovered that one of the drivers was damaged. The back of the driver itself is covered by some kind of dense foam which is held in place by a plastic grid. The grid is glued to the driver, and the glue broke, so the grid and the foam are loose. Does anybody know this construction? Do i have to pay attention to something when i try to repair it, or can i just glue it together and it will be fine?


And, does anybody know something about these Headphones?


Many thanks in advance, and greetings from Germany,



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They look pretty similar to the DT-220, perhaps a predecessor...  ostensibly, it's likely an ancestor of the DT770.




Can we get a picture of the inside?  I can't really get enough from your description to know whether it will sound okay when you put them back together.

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Yes, here's a Picture of the driver:




Thanks for the Reply!

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You should be okay.  I'd put everything back (padding) then use contact cement (or some other glue) to reapply the grid.  You don't want stuff rattling around back there.


If you're new to headphones, you should also know that a pair of headphones with 600 ohm impedance is not going to play nice in a mobile setup. To really find out how they sound, you'll want to plug them into an amp with some power.

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If you have a stereo receiver, try plugging them into it, decent (50/50) chance the receiver can drive 600-Ohm headphones.

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they look a lot like the DT-220 in deed. Not only the outer Shape, also the Drivers, so i measured the impedance by myself, they got 400Ohms...The seller must have had wrong information.


The earpads should be replaced, their plastic got non-elastic and breaks, i hope the earpads of the DT-220 fit.



I reasembled the drivers and listened to them, for a while. I think they put a little emphasis on the lower mid-tones, near the fundamental range.

Aside from that, they sound very neutral and precise, not as "boomy" as some headphones i listened to in local stores. I like that very much.


As joelpearce already said, my mobile device isn't capable of putting out enough voltage to drive these high-impedance headphones, so i'm developing a small and simple mobile amp which operates with two 2S-LiPo-Batterys and delivers 12Vpp output voltage. It consists of a little count of standard-parts. In case of interest, i can present this little Project here?

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by the looks of it IMO it looks like an 80's or 90's model if I am not mistaken, or better yet 70's (cause of the font style used on the phone) yeah it sure looks like a relative of my DT 770 Pros..

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ah yes producitvity is less and more surfing at the office..

maybe this is it! -



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