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Best looking headphones

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Hey everyone

First post on this forum, I hope I am in the right section.

I am looking for a headset, and I have 1 HUGE requirement: the headset must be the best looking thing on the market. Im not planning and hoping to go over 250$ though, and from my little experience that's only for high-end sound headphones.

The second requirement in importance is the sound quality. 

I couldnt find anything anywhere on the internet.


2 headsets so far caught my eye


Steelseries syberia V2 frost


Razer blackshark


I listen to a lot of kinds of music. I never listen to dubstep, hard rock, jazz, instrumental, and slow music. My favs are progressive house an trance i guess. Im also very deep into gaming, but I am really not an audiophile in it. I can appreciate good sounds of music, dont care about gaming


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Might be a little beyond your budget, and I may be a little biased as I own a pair but the Sennheiser Momentums are some of the sexiest headphones I've ever seen. Excellent build and audio quality too, in my opinion.


V-Moda are also considered to be pretty good looking round here too, though I've never really seen the appeal myself.


I'm also a big fan of Audio Technica's ES series, can't speak for the sound quality though unfortunately :)


And welcome to Head-Fi! :)

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I think I saw some Sony MDR-1R running at around $210. That's actually a very smart choice. The SQ is smooth, colored and warm. A lil bit lacking in details. These are also "master" of modern music.

Other than that, the UE6000 is a very good pair of headphone for EDM, hip hop/rap, pop and something around that. It's running at $199 with Actice NC which is a nice add. You do not need battery to play your song in passive.

Momentum may be a good choice but never quite like it with classical music/instrumental as the lack of soundstage makes it less enjoyable. It does everything good but master at nothing.

Hope this helps!
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I have tried the steelseries, and it is comfortable, but the sound quality isn't that great. I saw the Philips Fidelio L1 recommended somewhere and don't know how it sounds, but it does look nice.

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Thanks for all the replies!

The momentum one looks pretty awesome, but Its very expensive and I dont think I need such a good sound. We can say I am a junior audiophile. Dont need extreme sound.

The sony one suggested doesnt really catch my eye, and neither the UE6000. I hate logitech as a headphones brand.

Those philips fidelio on the other hand look pretty good, Im considering them.

Regarding the audio-technica, I found A model, ATH-M50 which looks glorious. Any opinions?


Ive also found this one which looks good too, SONY MDR-V55

Any feedback?

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I am very inclined to buy the ATH M50. Do you think that I can use them around, on public transports such as trains, plane etc? I was planning to have them around my neck, when I am gone, and use them for gaming when I am home. I dont need a mic usually.

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m50 looks horrible to my eyes, i actually like the look of they Beyerdynamic DT1350, very sleek and very pretty.

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I don't know how they sound but the Monster Vektr looks pretty cool. 

Personally I am a huge fan of the B&W P5's look. 

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Momentum, fidelio l1(godly), hd598.
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Not a big fan of the M50's myself either, but to answer your question yeah it should be fine. They fold flat so they can go around your neck easily enough, I have a mate with a pair and he has them wherever he goes!

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