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A few HE-400 questions.

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So, I'm about the drop the cash on a pair of HE-400s (they're in my HiFiMan cart right now), but I have a few questions before I pull the trigger.

- Does the stock cable terminate with a 1/4 or 1/8 jack, and does it have an adapter for the other? I need both jacks.

- Is it worth buying the velour pads? What do they improve?

- I've heard them described as being both bright and dark, which is something that I've thought about the RE0 as well; Mids are a bit forward, but dark due to the upper-mid/low treble dip, and they're bright because of the prominent high frequencies (I love the RE0 treble). It's a tonality that I happen to love. Is the HE-400 similar in that regard?


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1) 1/8th
2) Velours are a must, until you Jergpad the pleathers.
3) No idea, have never owned the RE0, but the sig the HE400 sounds familiar from your description. Its a truly great phone.

PS. I have ordered the 400 and now the 500 from Justin at headamp and he is top notch, free shipping too.
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Stock cable is 1/8th terminated with 1/4th adapter.


Velours pads are essential, they make the midrange more focused sounding.  They also improve long term comfort by preventing sweat buildup.


HE-400's signature sounds similar to what you're describing the RE0.  Linear bass and lower mids, recessed upper mids and lower treble, prominent upper treble.

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