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Got myself a vintage Micromega Stage 6 CD Player recently and just want to say two words about it. . 


It is a really nice player, sounds great, and what is better, it has an excellent headphone out. However, for me (at least on my unit on my mains AC..) I only use it with less sensitive headphones. I have seen people using Grados on this thinkg, so it might be a mains issue. Anyway - the Hifiman HE500 and Audeze LCD-2s are great with this CD-player, straight out of its headphone output. If I only used CDs and were on a budget, the HE500 + the Micromega Stage 6 is a really nice combo. Or just as a second rig it is great value. 


There are however two issues I have with this player

1) It skips a couple of time on every cd  I play. This music just dissapeares for half a second and then comes back. I've heard that this is a known problem with the Micromega Stage series which includes Stage1 Stage, 2 Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5 and Stage 6 - all are the same, but with different internal components that were easily upgradable. 


2) Drawer failure. I had to fixe the cd tray on the Micromega Stage 6, which got stuck. This was very easy, beacuse the problem was a rubber band that connects the motor that sends the tray out. I replaced it with a fitting standard kitchen rubber band. Now it works very well (until the rubber band dries out...) 




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