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Im a little bit disappoint, AKG, hope it's not affect the product quality.
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Originally Posted by barpazazaz View Post

I'm a little bit disappoint, AKG, hope it's not affect the product quality.

With the Q701 now made in China, hopefully it will drop the manufacturing costs enough to bring down the price on the Q701.

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bought from amazon and its made in china as well

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thought I'd add to this. I bought these off Amazon US recently as well and mine are also made in china. Here's my rant:



same deal as original pic, has a made in PRC sticker on the headband and box says made in china.

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Does anyone know if the K702 were all Austrian made?  I am sure China does a good job making the Q701, but I don't want it.  If I am investing in an Audiophile headphone, I prefer one that was not outsourced due to cost, even if it costs a little more.  To me it makes it more of a collectors piece and that is really a part of the enjoyment.

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Well, I bought some black Q701's from Amazon during Black Friday and they say, "Made in Austria" all over them.

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Looks like we can close the file on that one. It's displeasing to learn that even their mid-priced models are no longer of European manufacture.

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This is why the price is much less than the o.p.

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can you pass the link from where you bought it?

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Now they are manufacturing the K3003 in China as well, mine have a sticker on the cord that say with big letters "DESIGNED IN AUSTRIA", on the back of the sticker is very small print "Made in China" big disappointment for big buck audiophile equipment  :frown:

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Originally Posted by barpazazaz View Post

This is Akg Answer: (from facebook page)


Hi Bar, (this is my name)

You are right, this is the official AKG Facebook channel.

Yes, the Q701 is manufactured in China. Although we make a substantial portion of our products right here in Vienna, it often makes sense to fabricate selected products in additional manufacturing facilities. Rest assured that no matter where an official AKG-branded product is made it does meet our stringent Quality Control tests and criteria. We carefully select manufacturing partners and testing is carried out by AKG employees on all products.

In order to be certain to get an original AKG product, we advice to buy at an official AKG dealer. You can easily find the AKG dealer in your country herehttp://eu.akg.com/akg-find-dealer-eu.html

Your AKG Team

(i don't understand what they meant)

It means that they also have factories in China that produces these headphones and you just happened to receive a pair that's made in there. Almost every company does this. It's a matter of fact that labor costs are just too high in western countries for these corporations to operate without outsourcing production. You're going to find more and more items being made in China, but that doesn't necessarily mean items are going to be of poor quality. Besides, the label of being made in Austria means very little. The law dictates that such a tag only requires the item to be assembled in its country of origin. That means companies will often have the parts made in China and shipped back into their country for assembly so they could acquire a more "prestigious" label. Stop worrying about a pointless stamp and just enjoy your headphones.




I would also like to note that even Louis Vutton does this. Being what's considered the highest end of luxury leather goods, even they outsource a majority of their production, only to finish assembly in France. I reiterate, stop worrying about labels.

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I have both (earlier and Chinese one).

Rest assured, no real difference in terms of sound.

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Well, I own both too. The Austrian Q701(serial 15XXX) and the Chinese one (serial 112XXX) and they sound quite different.  The Chinese version delivers more bass and stronger lower midrange.  But significant less clarity in the upper frecuencies.  The Austrian is more "airy".  And it's not a subtle difference.

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I have a (bumpless) K702 made in China and it sounds great.

Driver matching is top class. I've seen far worse from some headphones made in the EU.

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AKG Q701 in lime green Quincy Jones Edition. China (right) vs Austria (left). 


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