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For Trade:
Fischer Audio DBA-02 for FiiO E07k/E17 or Similar

Will Ship To: EU

I bought these earphones a couple of weeks ago from the head-fi user 'denis'. They're in great condition with original box, tips and case - everything except the ear guides which I lost. The only real sign of wear is that the Fischer Audio logo on the housings are slightly worn. I'm not looking to trade these because I don't like them, in fact quite the opposite - I liked these so much I bought the DBA-02 MKII a week later.


I would like a straight trade for the FiiO E07k or the E17 plus a little cash on my end. I'll also consider any similar portable amp/DAC.


I would like to complete this trade within the UK/EU so we don't have to worry about incurring import duties etc and I'm not looking to sell at the moment because I'm not in a rush to get rid of them, just checking if someone would be up for this trade.