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Hello, Head-fiers! I've visited before, usually as a result of a google search on a product I was interested in or already owned. Although I've had numerous different pairs of over-ear headphones since the early 70's, (I'm 52) my current interest is mostly in iems. Although not really an audiophile in the sense of spending a bunch of cash on audio equipment, (because I don't have it) music is one of the most important things in my life. The better it sounds, the more I enjoy it, but I remember listening to a little am portable and having a good old time singing along (poorly.) My introduction to iems actually came about because of my desire to listen to music while motorcycling with a helmet on. Starting with cassettes, then CD players,(which skipped mercilessly), and finally a Sony mini-disc player, no matter the source earbuds were a crappy way to listen due to the inherent ambient noise from wind passing over and around my helmet, not to mention being terribly uncomfortable under a helmet. My first iem's, if you can call them that, were Koss' "plugs." At the time they were a revelation. I could finally hear the music at over 30 mph!  They sounded lousy and they still hurt like hell though. Eventually, I moved into the 21st century (late, of course) with a Creative Labs Zen 30g MP3 player (the size of a deck of cards and about a pound) and a pair of Etymotic ER6s. I loved the sound signature of the Ety's, but they were long enough to exert considerable pressure on my inner ears when pushed on by the inside of my helmet, making them a 1.5 hour proposition at best. I'm still learning about music in the computer age, and learning more is one reason I joined this forum. My current source is a Zune HD ( I like the subscription's music portability- I have a dumb phone) with a pair of  Altec-Lansing something or others ( rebranded something else and not very comfy) Shure 215s, Westone UM2s, and a pair of UM3Xs. I've also started testing out different amps, having bought a Fiio E6, the limitations of which were immediately apparent, and now I'm using an E07K. I'd like to try the DAC of the EO7K, but can't find a reasonable line-out option for the Zune. The UM3Xs are my go to iems, but they are quite sensitive, so I rarely use an amp currently. My music tastes run to indie pop/alternative, some rock, some progressive jazz, 70's progressive (no groaning there in the back), a little classical. Pretty much a little bit of everything but hip-hop/rap, and not much country. I'm currently waiting for my UM2s to be reshelled by In Ear Customs, at least theoretically, although I can't get any response from them, so the only thing I know for sure is that they have my money and my UM2s. If they turn out ok, I may have the same thing done to my UM3Xs, but I'd be hesitant to be without them for so long. I'm looking forward to learning from people with expertise and experience different from my own. Thanks in advance for all of your help.